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suggestions for Tivoli Audio

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  • 1. Model One Advertising Suggestions

2. Tivolis existing brand positioning is they make a simple beautiful object, that sounds as good as it looks. 3. Theyre design and home goods nerds who care about quality and aesthetics. They like Music/ sound, but more they like to enjoy their home and the objects inside it and we know that music is a part of this for them. 4. Our customers are actively seeking out new/ cool products and are well informed of what is available. We need to remind them about us, and do it in a way that re assures them that we are the right choice. 5. How do we reach them? 6. They look online at design blogs 7. They look at print magazines featuring design, home goods, and clothing/ fashion. 8. Media Suggestions 9. We can reach out to our target through the above mentioned media outlets. This is were they look for inspiration and make decisions about what to buy. 10. Ads should be simple. Layouts midcentury/ Scandinavian aesthetics, and reflect what Tivoli stands for as a brand, simplicity and mastery. 11. They should also raise awareness about the new Tivoli radio app, maybe a QR code that leads to it in the app store.