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  • Putting Knowledge into Practice,

    when the going gets tough.

    The Knowledge Practice Ltd Version 1.0 4 November 2008

    Who we are

    TKP consists of over 1,200 senior high caliber resources (ex-big-5 directors, senior managers, partners andconsultants), each selected for their track record of delivering for their clients. Pragmatic, client and deliveryoriented people who not only know what good looks like but have proved that they can make it a reality.

    We aim to make top-tier resources available to our clients at close to agency rates and we have pioneerednew ways for clients to source them.

    What we do

    Having 1,200 senior, experienced, delivery-oriented people and no junior resources makes us one of thelargest high-quality management consultancies operating in todays market. Critical-mass and the breadthand depth of our collective experience enable us to take on large engagements and to offer individual interimsand consultants in most industry sectors and most aspects of performance improvement, change and IT.

    Clients engage us in three main ways:

    Consultancy (teams or individuals) we understand and fix your business problem

    High quality agency we understand and fix your resource problem

    Virtual in-house consultancy we deliver a pool of selected individuals that match your resourceneeds and that you can access directly, as and when required.

    Clients can also search and select resources directly from our comprehensive online database.

    How we do it

    We invite only proven, experienced, top-end independent resources to join us. Hence we do notcarry, or pass on, a cost of bringing junior people through a learning curve. Our clients interact withpeople who understand their business and are only offered resources who have done it before.

    We have utilised the latest developments in management thinking and technology to create a lowcost operating framework and we reflect the saving in our fee rates.

    We also provide an environment in which clients can if they wish collaborate on-line with partnerorganisations and consultants to tap into their experience and knowledge.

    For more detailed information about TKP and our services please visit ourwebsite ( or contact us on 0845 241 2221.

    As a business you make your own success, but todays leadingorganisations understand the value of bringing the right externalexperience to bear on key issues. In todays economic climate itcan make the difference between success and failure.

    In 2004 The Knowledge Practice (TKP) recognised a need forbusinesses to be able to access the best available resourcesmore affordably and with flexibility. The experience we have ofmeeting this need has never been more relevant than it is today.