Top 10 Salesforce CRM Apps To Improve Your Business Productivity

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Text of Top 10 Salesforce CRM Apps To Improve Your Business Productivity

  • Top 10 Salesforce CRM Apps

    To Improve Your Business


  • Each business expects to grow.

    On the other hand, what needs a notice here is that business

    can grow when they find themselves able to keep up solid and

    healthy proficient associations with their customers and users.

  • For some local businesses, this may mean simply a talk over an

    espresso; however, when it comes to companies engaged in

    complex operations, a good CRM (Customer Relationship

    Management) software programming is a needed.

    With advent of apps, salesforce consulting services are highly

    recommending using them to boost your customer

    relationship endeavor.

  • PowerDialer

    for Salesforce


    Mobile app

    Appirio Cloud


    Email to Case



    Get Satisfaction Field Trip Geopointe Sales Contest




    The Top 10 Salesforce Apps That Can Aid

    Your CRM

  • PowerDialer for Salesforce

  • This application supports to interface with customers with

    proper utilization of correspondence communication channels

    and therefore guarantees that your salesforce has the capacity

    to close all deals.

    This application has host of highlights that incorporate a single

    click dialling, advanced prioritization of lists, prerecording of

    voice messages, steering of inbound calls, emails and

    considerably more.

  • Salesforce1 Mobile app

  • With sales people always on the move, this mobile app is the

    best solution.

    This application permits you to collect data, start or close a

    sales pipeline, log assignments, view accounts, take notes,

    upgrade contact records or leads and other attractive features.

  • Appirio Cloud Sync

  • This application for Google apps allows you to sync your

    schedule and contact in emails, hence sparing significant time

    of your sales team.

    Further, highlights, such as, boomerang schedule, calendar,

    automated events calendar and automated updates of contact

    is a big plus.

  • Email to Case Premium

  • This application permits your support representatives to

    provide fast reaction and subsequently, proficiency is

    guaranteed when contrasted with standard emailing.

  • DupeCatcher

  • This application permits companies to set up channels that can

    avoid salesforce teams to enter duplicate entries in terms of

    leads, records and accounts.

    Companies additionally have the alternative of showing

    warnings if duplicate entries are found.

  • Get Satisfaction

  • This innovative application brings all your client discussions on

    social websites like Twitter and Facebook to your CRM.

    This supports in expanded deals through fast resolutions of


  • Field Trip

  • This app permits you to report while on field furthermore

    recognize fields that are utilized frequently.

    This helps administrators to distinguish beneficial fields and

    remove the others, thus utilizing their salesforce efficiently.

  • Geopointe

  • This application incorporates your salesforce and Google Maps.

    This helps proficient planning of sales trips based on territories.

    You can guide leads based on zip and city codes and then plan

    your next visits accordingly.

  • Sales Contest Builder

  • This astonishing app permits sales people to make challenges

    for sales in just 6 steps.

    The app strengthens sales managers with the capacity of

    impacting positive and better practices and motivate

    salesforce to produce more leads and more closures.

  • Conga Composer

  • This app is best for salesforce customization services.

    You have the capacity to create complex PDFs or Word Files with

    simply a click.

    Sales teams can embed reports in documents and furthermore

    records into Lists with the utilization of this app.

  • All the above mentioned app are helpful and are very

    prescribed by specialists from salesforce counselling services.

    You can utilize them as indicated by your needs and see

    positive results for your businesses.

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