Top 10 Social Media Activities Every Industry Professional must do Everyday

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Checklist for Top 10 Social Media Activities Every Industry Professional must do Everyday


  • 1. Top 10Social MediaActivitiesEvery Industry Professionalmust do EverydayBy Yogesh M. A.Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai,

2. Daily FormulaReadWatch Do Share 3. #1Read your Social Updates daily 4. #2 Appreciate your networkmembers daily activities throughComments, Like & Share buttons 5. #3Follow Like Minded People,Companies, Pages, Groups,Questions, Topics daily 6. #4 Daily participatein groups and forums 7. #5Daily share Your Knowledge through blog updates, presentations, infographic images or tweet etc. 8. #6Answer few questions daily 9. #7Ask few questions daily through social media updates 10. #8 Send Introduction letter /presentation with pro-activebusiness network members 11. #9 Talk over phone with fewbusiness network members daily 12. #10 Everyday Ask / Invite few business networkmembers for Business Lunch Meeting to explore opportunities 13. I didnt know this Kindly Connect us first &Make a List of questions about this presentation and send us FAQ & e-Learning 14. Would you Like to LearnBlogging & BusinessNetworking from expert? 15. Build your Social Media FriendlyPersonal Brand 16. Learn effectiveBusiness networking Strategies 17. Three Steps to start Learning1. Connect us through social and business networking sites.2. Start learning digital marketing from & Visit our and Contact us to participate in our offline workshops. 18. Thank YouBy Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, IndiaParticipate in our Offline Blogging & Business Networking Training