Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Coverings

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Here are 5 very simple common sense ways to help grow your window covering business in 2014.


  • 1. Top 5 Ways To Sell More WindowCoverings In 2014As many of you know I moderate anindustry wide Face Book group with over1900 window covering retailers. As youmight expect I have a lot of interactionwith the industry. This list is from my ownobservations of the group and mypersonal contact with hundreds ofretailers all over America and Canada.

2. Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Treatments: #1 Answer your phone. Im not kidding. I call ondealers all over America and the number ofanswering machines is stunning. Tip: Forward yourphone to your cell. If youre doing a bid then let itgo to Voice mail, if not, answer the phone. Thinkabout this, one extra job a week with an averageprofit of $500 is $25K a year. 3. Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Treatments: #2 Stop doing everything yourself. I recently calledon a dealer and the gal answering the phone toldme the 65 year old owner was out installing shuttersherself. She wasnt making any money and felt shehad to do everything herself. The reason she wasntmaking money was she was doing everythingherself. 4. Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Treatments: #3 Learn how to trust others. This is one of thebiggest hurdles I see. If youre doing everythingyourself today and you dont change your ways, inanother year youre still going to be doingeverything yourself. Commit to making onesimple change today. 5. Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Treatments: #4 Identify your strengths and work from the point ofyour strengths. Im a marketer. I understand off-lineand on-line marketing. This is where I spend the bulkof my time. 6. Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Treatments: #5 Spend your time on revenue generatingactivities. I dont make money installing shutters ordoing my bookkeeping. I make money sellingshutters. I make money getting my phone to ringwith new clients. I make money perfecting my salesprocess. There are plenty of great installer andbookkeepers who can do their jobs much betterthan me. 7. Top 5 Ways To Sell More Window Treatments: One last observation: Far too many retailers thinkthat if they could just pay $1 less than they are nowthen they will sell more. WRONG! A well run retailercould pay 15% more than the guy down the streetand still crush them on price, service and selection.What you pay has little to do with how much youearn. Invest in better marketing, better salesprocesses and learn to attract better clients. Startoffering a better VALUE than your competition. Steven Dale