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  1. 1. Top & Best Ways To Make Money Online Here Are The Straight Facts On How I Make Money Online! I Goi g To ho You 20 Differe t Fool Proof Wa s That I Have Made Easy Money Online With Just A Computer And An I ter et Co e tio ! Dear Internet Entrepreneur , Have you ever thought of starting an online business that could give you a part-time, or even a full-time income? I have researched 20 different business plans and put together an easy-to-follow training program. My goal is to give you vital and valuable information that anyone can follow and produce positive results from. No matter what part of the world you are from or what your level of knowledge is with computers, you can take the skills you already have and start cashing in by creating an online
  2. 2. income by using one or many of the ways I educate you on. After I ha e e plai ed ea h a d e er ethod, oull e a azed at how easy and simple starting an online business can be. Ma people thi k its too te h or just too hard and not for them. That ould t e farther fro the truth I truth is there are people taking their everyday personal skills and putting them to use online to create a steady income that eventually replaces their current one! No , I ot talki g a out getting rich over night or sailing a a o a huge a ht I talking about a steady, dependable income that can really ake a differe e at the e d of the o th. Would t it e i e to have an extra couple of dollars every month in your pocket? Would t that change a lot of things for you?
  3. 3. Of course it would! With this incredible course you will get informative information on everything from starting the business, what you need to do, how much you can make, and even what decisions you should make in order to succeed. There are a dozen different obvious reasons why people are starti g to ju p o the ake o e o li e a d ago . For a people the do t want to quit their full-time jobs, but would like to see an extra chunk of cash setting around. If that is what you are looking for, then this course is exactly what you need! After taki g this ourse ou o t ha e to orr a out ha i g o e for U e pe ted auto o ile repairs a i g for s hool a d ollege e pe ses Taking a nice and relaxing vacation without denting your
  4. 4. po ket ook I esti g Keeping your head above water with the rising cost of li i g Holiday gifts to make great e ories Extra money without having to rely on your current job for a raise A etter a d less stressful life for ou a d our fa il This can all be possible when you receive the knowledge from this over-the-top video course showing you 20 ways to make a great income on the side and even full-time! Whe its all said a d do e oull e sa i g, I e er k e I ould a tuall ake o e o li e doi g that! So, I know you are excited and ready to find out what all the fuss is about with this exclusive video course. I o t ake ou ait a lo ger
  5. 5. 20 Ways To Make Money 20 Ways To Cash This mega-huge video course covers a number of businesses you can start from home. Each business model is broken down and explained in an easy-to-follow fashion that will answer all the tough questions from beginning to end. Not only are the businesses explained, but you are also taken on a tour in the video course to each of the businesses and related sites you will need to be familiar with in order to start your business. This way, you are not only given several options to decide on, but you also know where to go to get started, and what to expect when going through the steps of getting started. Here are all the topi s dis ussed i the ideo ourse tarti g a loggi g ser i e
  6. 6. Ho to start a arti le riti g usi ess How to buy and sell ite s o eBa Ho to sell pri ate la el rights Ho to e o e a affiliate arketer elli g a d reati g ideo ourses Ho to tur our e site i to a e ership site Ho to reate a sto k photograph usi ess How to perform paid sur e s to ake o e elli g ser i es o Fi err Ho to e o e a eTutor Ho to start a e site desig i g a d uildi g usi ess Ho to rite a eBook a d sell it for profits tarti g a o li e irtual store How to start a tra slatio ser i e tarti g a editi g a d proofreadi g ser i e Ho to rite EO arti les Make o e ith usto reated Photoshop produ ts elli g do ai a es Ho to ake o e ith foru posti g
  7. 7. A d u h u h ore.. 2 7 Step-by-step Ways To Make Money Online If you can READ and follow SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP instructions, you can make money online! And Ill
  8. 8. PROVE it! But there's the problem. Most people DON'T know what to do, so they turn to products that claim to teach them how to make money. And the story is always the same. They stumble across the sales page for a product that promises to help them make money. The sales page is soooo convincing and soooo tempting that they can't help but buy the product. They invest their time and money on those products and guess what usually happens? The product is usually filled with fluff and theory but no ACTIONABLE steps. By the end of the program, these people are frustrated and thinking
  9. 9. Your time and money is precious so I won't waste any of it.
  10. 10. My book is designed so that if you can read and follow simple STEP-BY-STEP instructions, you WILL make money online! I am so confident in my book that I'll even GIVE you the first chapter for free, right now! So you can see EXACTLY how powerful this book is and start making money! 3 Lets Make Money Online
  11. 11. Dear Friend, April 21, 2015 How often have you been told that working for the man is the only means of survival? Those who lived prior to the Internet age had far fewer choices in life. Even today, people work long intense hours in order to pay their bills. Kids go to college in order to specialize in one specific field to help increase their chances of making a
  12. 12. respectable living once they enter the workforce. But finding a high paying job is an entirely different issue altogether. On top of paying off tuition and with that, fighting the intense competition who are all trying to nab the exact same job, times will become tough as one has to find another venue to make money in order to make ends meet!
  13. 13. But thanks to the Internet age which we live in, many more possibilities are available to all of us. If not for the Internet... Would A azo e a ulti atio al e o er e juggernaut where people spend billions in purchases worldwide? Would the fou der of a so ial edia gia t like Fa e ook be worth billions? Would ele rities e a le to o u i ate ith their fans on social media sites like Twitter? Would people e a le to at h a d share ideos o a global video-sharing platform like YouTube?
  14. 14. The list goes on... of income proofs It's More Possible Now Than It Ever Was. It's wonders like this that have made things all the more possible for one to make a significant stream of revenue outside of the workforce. Obviously not every job is bad and not every Boss is a monster but it's also comforting to know that even without a real job, one can still pay their bills and mortgage and
  15. 15. survive in a harsh world where competition is fierce. 4 "Discover The Secret Way Of Making Money Online Without Selling!" From Patric Chan: Dear Friend, This is amazing stuff. Frankly, I find it hard to believe, but Ive just made money from affiliate commission without even trying to pitch a product. The trick is this by using a mini-course.
  16. 16. Maybe youve heard of what a mini-course is, maybe you dont. The fact is, many marketers arent even aware of this simple and yet highly profitable method to make money from your prospects. Technically, this is what represents a mini-course: A set of emails with content, between 5-7 emails that are chained together to teach a specific topic. Let me explain why it works so effectively and the process behind it: Because theyre going through your mini-course, youre not even pitching them to buy products youre simply helping them with recommendations. This method of making money online is so super cool and easy to do because all youre doing is giving away a FREE mini-course! Which leads me to The Mini-Course Formula.
  17. 17. So What Is The Mini-Course Formula Anyway? In short, its the my complete blueprint, of A to Z on how to use mini-course to make money online under stealth mode. The long version The Mini-Course Formula is a blueprint that is systematically broken down into 4 components so that you can have an automated system to make money from the internet using emails. The components are: Module #1: Optin Page. Youll discover how to layout a money-making plan as well as layout a persuasive, high-converting opt-in page to get website visitors to subscribe. Module #2: Mini-Course Creation. This is where youll find out how to create a mini course that will have subscribers beating a path to your opt-in page subscription form. Module #3: Email Strategy. Discover how to convert
  18. 18. your subscribers into customers who buy from you again and again. This is where the moneys at. Module #4: Traffic Generation. Get traffic to your opt-page in order to build a big, responsive list and of course, make money from it. If you notice, in essence, all it takes is SENDING EMAILS to make money online with this system. And by the way Ill teach you how to automate the emails so that youre using a software to send them out sequentially. This way, youre literally hands-free. So technically, the more people who are signing up for your free mini-course, the more money youll be making. The beauty of this system is, youre simply giving your mini-course for free. Lets get into the specific details youll be discovering inside The Mini-Course Formula
  19. 19. 5 Make Money Online Trading Tennis
  20. 20. 6 Video Game Tester Jobs | Get Paid To Play Video Games! Get Paid to Play Video Games! Get Paid to Play or review New Games! Receive New and Unreleased Games to test or review (You can keep them or sell them later on!) Get New Products to test and review such as Game consoles, memory cards, controllers etc... Get Invited to game conferences, launches, exhibits and conventions such as E3, Japan Game Expo and many more! Get Special Walkthroughs, Cheat Codes, Secrets, and other "Exploits" that only game testers know about! "They laughed when I said I was going get paid to Play
  21. 21. Games until they saw my first check" Did you know everyday Gaming companies pay big bucks to people like you and me just to know what we are thinking? It's true! They are desperate to understand how you think and shop and why you buy certain Games or Products because this helps their companies improve their products, and they in turn they pay YOU good money for your opinion. They Need You! Right now, I have hundreds of market research firms and game companies looking for video game tester, survey takers and beta testers. If you are looking for working full time, or want to make some extra cash, is your ticket to fun, easy money. When you join and start working with our Unique Job System... You can get paid to Play New and Upcoming Games You can get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more You can get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour You can get paid to try new Games, Gaming Consoles,
  22. 22. Controllers or other products and keep the free products too! You can get paid to preview new movie or game trailers for $4 to $25 an hour You can get paid to review new Games for up to $30 an hour These are just SOME of the ways you can make money with our video game tester jobs and strategic partnerships with MAJOR corporations!
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