Top Companies Outsourcing to the Philippines

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The top outsourcing companies in the Philippines have proven that it is a profitable and rewarding venture. In case you don't know which companies have made a fortune by outsourcing jobs in the country, here are some of them.


  • 1. Top Companies Outsourcing to the Philippines
  • 2. Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines Business process outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines has grown exponentially over the past few years, transforming the country's business landscape and lifestyle by creating 24-hour cities.
  • 3. Here are some of the top companies that ventured and expanded through outsourcing.
  • 4. Accenture Inc. Net worth: Php 17.433 billion Employees: 35,000 Years in Philippines: 21 Notes: Biggest BPO employer in the country First Global Resource Center in Manila Main facility in Robinson's Cybergate Tower 2
  • 5. Convergys Phils. Services Net worth: Php 11.901 billion Employees: 26,000 Years in Philippines: 10 Notes: pioneer in the customer management business Convergys has 18 established centers specializes in customer care, human resources, and billing services
  • 6. TeleTech Customer Care Management Phils. Inc. Net worth: Php 9.413 billion Employees: 20,000 Years in Philippines: 10 Notes: TeleTech has operations in over 24 countries with a total of 58 call centers all over the world provides various BPO solutions that are mainly on customer care management
  • 7. For more information about outsourcing in the Philippines, contact us.