Top Ten Tips for Getting Started with Social Media

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Resource given to introductory level social media marketing presentations. Though many slideshare users are already well acclimated to social media, there are many folks who don't yet have a Facebook or LinkedIn account and have no idea why in the world anyone would be on Twitter.


  • 1. Top Ten Tips for Getting Started on Social Media 1 6 Start with a rock solid philosophy. Reciprocate. If someone follows you on Determine to listen, seek to understand, Twitter, the decent thing to do is to follow and contribute to your neighbors quest back. In essence, theyre saying, Hey, for significance. Im interested in you and want to know 2 more. When you dont follow back, youre Start. Jump in and get started saying, Hey, you should be interested in somewhere. There is no right way and me because, after all, it really is all about there are no judges. Its free. Its safe. me. I matter; you dont. You should listen Its a great way to learn. Dont just sit to me; Im not going to listen to you. theredo something. Politicians and celebrities are bad about 3 this. Please dont be like them. 7 Focus on a couple things first. Build your homebase (Facebook, blog, Share. Social media makes it easy for you LinkedIn) and your active outreach tool to shareshare your contacts, your ideas, (Twitter). Later you can add more. and your discoveries freely with others. 4 Think of them as seeds to be sown into Use your real name. Social media is as fertile soil. 8 much about the social as it is about the media. Its for making connections with Respond. If a real person takes the time people. Part of the process is making to send you a personal message, endeavor yourself visible to the people who would to respond. Youd be amazed at the power like to find youthose with whom of two little words as a responsethank youve shared a common experience like you. Saying thank you through Twitter high school, college, civic or political and Facebook doesnt take that long at all; involvement, church, academic and but it definitely goes a long way. 9 professional organizations. Your name is the search keyword your acquaintances Build others up. Aid your neighbors will use to find and connect with you. quest for significance by searching for Make it easy for them to do so by using and promoting praiseworthy things about your own name. them. Promote their blogs; promote them. 5 10 Post a profile picture (of your face). In Be patient. Yes, American society is social media lingo, this is your avatar driven to answer the questions whats your visual identity as a human being. in it for me? and whats my ROI? Such Were drawn to faces. Logos and graphics questions may make you sound smart in make us wonder what youre hiding or if grad school but they wont give you the youre a real person. foundation or mindset youll need to build meaningful connections with other people. If youll start with who can I help? and what can I give away? youll enjoy your social media investment much more. For more information or to schedule keynote or workshop presentations on how to use technology to build meaningful connections, visit or write to For a complete listing the social media profiles Im using, please check out 2009 Trey Pennington