Top Ten Ways to Green Your Grounds Earth Day Webinar April 2013

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Learn about real-world solutions that conserve water, minimize green waste, protect natural habitats, and advocate other environmentally-friendly horticultural best practices. Join ValleyCrest and HydroPoint for green landscape tips you can use 365 days a year. Green industry experts Richard Restuccia and Charles Zaher show how you can design a sustainable landscape plan for your organization that is easy to implement and immediately increases asset value. Learn how properties like yours are making simple improvements in plant materials, outdoor water management and sustainability benchmarks today to create positive longer term impacts for staff, operations and the environment.


  • 1. TOP 10 WAYS TOGREEN YOUR GROUNDS Presented by:
  • 2. YOUR PRESENTERS Charles Zaher Regional Director HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. Richard Restuccia Director, Water Management Solutions ValleyCrest Landscape Companies#landscapechat
  • 3. 10. VALUE SUSTAINABILITY#landscapechat
  • 4. POLLING QUESTION Why are you interested in sustainability? a. Environmental concerns b. My employer wants to be more sustainable c. Public pressure d. All of the above e. Other#landscapechat
  • 6. 8. GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK#landscapechat
  • 7. 7. PLAN AHEAD Build a shared vision#landscapechat
  • 8. 6. RECYCLE & REUSE Reduce inputs Reduce outputs#landscapechat
  • 9. 5. BE WATER AWAREMORE THANSPRINKLERS Reduces operating costs Conserves resources Promotes plant health Enhances public image Minimizes liability#landscapechat
  • 10. 4. CONVERT YOUR TURF 100 SQUARE FEET USES 4,800 GALLONS TURF OF H2O ANNUALLY 100 sf = X 2,000#landscapechat
  • 11. THINK ABOUT YOUR GRASS Convert BEFORE medians, parking lot islands, entrances#landscapechat
  • 12. THINK ABOUT YOUR GRASS Convert AFTER medians, parking lot islands, entrances#landscapechat
  • 13. POLLING QUESTION Are you using smart irrigation controllers? If yes, what is the biggest benefit? a. Cash Savings b. Automation c. Mobile Control d. Flow Monitoring e. Not Used On Site#landscapechat
  • 14. 3. DIVVY UP Create water zones for plants with similar needs Inspect irrigation system for preventive maintenance Reduce plant density#landscapechat
  • 15. 2. PLANT WISELYBEFORE AFTER#landscapechat
  • 16. HIGH IMPACT ENHANCEMENTSBIG or BEFOREsmall makea difference BEFORE AFTER#landscapechat
  • 17. HIGH IMPACT ENHANCEMENTSBIG or BEFOREsmall makea difference AFTER#landscapechat
  • 18. 1. BUILD SUSTAINABILITY SUPPORT Reduces operating costs Improves net operating income Conserves precious natural resources Promotes plant longevity Enhances public image Reduces liability exposure Encourages loyal employees and customers#landscapechat
  • 19. EVERY DROP COUNTS#landscapechat
  • 20. Q&A#landscapechat
  • 21. THANK YOUFor water management resources, articles and ideas, visit