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  • 1.TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & ISO 9000Muhammad SabriMuhammad Mohd FikriBin Othman Zaquan SafuanBin Md Nor (2010293754) Bin Md Yusof (2010423042) (2008297306)

2. ContentTotal quality managementISO 9000- Concept- Concept- Principle of TQM - Structure of ISO 9000- Benefit- IS0 9000 in governmentMalaysia - Steps forimplementation inMalaysia - Implementation issues 3. Everyone is Continuously With datainvolved in improvingandservice to profoundcustomersknowledgeTotal QualityManagement 4. Total Quality ManagementTotal quality management (TQM) is a managementprocess aimed at bringing about excellencethrough the continuous enhancement of qualityin an organisation. The basic philosophy of TQM is Doing the right thing right the first time, ontime, all the time, always striving forimprovement, and always satisfying the customers. 5. TQM IN PUBLIC SERVICE (D.A. Circular 1/1992) The purpose is to provide information and guidance tothe Head of Department in planning and activating theprocess of improving quality in their departments. Create an environment that is conducive for theinculcation of an excellent work culture.TQM Concept Continues process in creating a culture of excellent for the whole organisation and is customer-driven Aim to achieve total quality in all its operation aspects. 6. PRINCIPLES OF TQMFocus onQuality Strategiccustomer AssurancePlanningTeamworkMeasurementTraining & of performance RecognitionLeadership &commitment by topmanagement 7. Focus on customer Government agencies must know who theircustomer is and make an effort to provideproducts and services that satisfy their need Continues improvement 8. Quality Assurance The objective can be achieved by adhering toclearly laid quality standards for products, workprocesses and input used Support in turn by quality inspection, tracingsources of flaws and taking remedial action 9. Strategic PlanningManagement should regularly plan and take appropriatemeasures to improve the work processes to ensure the quality of the final output is on the rise all the time in line with the increasingly complex needs of customer. Team WorkTeamwork is effective in contributing creative and innovativeideas and implementing improvement successfully. 10. Training And Recognition- Building ASense of Ownership Among Worker This is strengthen awareness, commitment as well asto instill a sense of responsibility among workers inupgrading quality in their department. Creating a sense of togetherness at the workplace 11. Leadership & Commitment by Top Management Top management should be involved directly inupgrading quality and ensuring that the objectives of the department are achieved. Measurement of PerformanceManagement of quality requires support from an effective system of performance appraisal. The department should formulate a comprehensive system of performance appraisal 12. Benefits Enhance competitive position Improve customer satisfaction and confidence Saving in time and resources (reduce wastage& work-over) Greater organizational transparency Improve the quality system 13. ISO 9000WHAT IS QUALITY???The totality of features and characteristics of aproduct or service that bears on its ability tosatisfy express or implied needs 14. WHAT IS QUALITY ASSURANCE?Quality assurance refers to all those plannedand systematic actions that are necessary toprovide adequate confidence that a product orservice will satisfy given requirements forquality. 15. WHAT IS ISO 9000?GENEVA 16. ISO 9000 IN MALAYSIADevelopment AdministrationCircular No.2 of 1996: GuidelinesFor Implementing MS ISO 9000 in the Civil Service As a base towards the TQM system 17. THE ISO 9000 CONCEPTNeed For QualityCUSTOMER QUALITY ASSURANCE OrganisationDOCUMENTATION QUALITY SYSTEM Quality Manual Based on ISO 9000 series Procedure Work InstructionsControlControlVerify Responsibilities AuthoritiesINPUTPROCESS OUTPUT 18. STRUCTURE OF ISO 9000 SERIESTypesStandard Details ISO 9000 Quality Management and Quality AssuranceGuidelinesStandards - Guidelines for Selection & Use ISO 9004 Quality Management and Quality System Elements- Guidelines ISO 9001 Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance inDesign/Development, Production. Installation andServicing QualityAssuranceISO 9002 Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in ModelProduction and Installation ISO 9003 Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance inFinal Inspection and Test 19. ISO 9000 INGOVERNMENT(D.A.Circular 2/1996)to utilise ISO 9000 as ablueprint for efforts toimprove the quality system ofthe organisation 20. ISO 9000 ImplementationResponsibility Act as the secretariat for the National SteeringCommittee Provide consultancy services to GovernmentAgencies Assist INTAN in providing training to agencies 21. Provide awareness and appreciation trainingprogrammes to all Government Agencies 22. Steps for Implementation Secure topEvaluatemanagement currentcommitmentPlan forquality implementationsystemEstablishISO 9000Training Implement Carry outTeam QualityQuality SystemAudit 23. Interpretation ofISO 9000 for civil serviceorganisationsManagement of changeManagementcommitmentIntegrating ISO 9000documentation Personnelrequirements withconstraintsexistingdocumentation