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1 | Where Has Your Hero Gone? Turning Companies into Storyteller Petra Sammer, Partner | Chief Creative Officer

Transmedia storytelling for brands

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How to turn Brands into Storyteller? Ketchum defines 5 steps of success for break through stories in marketing.

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Where Has Your Hero Gone? Turning Companies into Storyteller

Petra Sammer, Partner | Chief Creative Officer

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Do we need new Superheros in PR?

We think: yes.

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• Text • Information • Product

• Image • Emotion • Story

Today Tomorrow

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Successful Communications needs new methods to break through.

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Welcome to Storytelling.

We share stories since 25.000 generations of mankind.

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• Stories call up emotions.

• Stories provoke pictures.

• Stories are entertaining.

• Stories refer to our experiences.

• Stories aim at our subconscious mind.

• Stories anchor information.

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Why storytelling? • Information Overkill

• Evolution of PR: From product/company

centricity to storytelling.

• Journalists search for more: Quality Journalism, Partisan Journalism, Investigative Journalism…

• „We are all journalists now“: Brands become media companies (Scott Grant, 2007) such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, Ebay, Siemens, American Express…

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Where do you need a story?

Paid Media Owned Media

Earned Media

Converged Media*

*Altimeter Group

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The future is about Converged Media.

Paid Media

Owned Media

Earned Media

Converged Media*

Drives traffic

Reinforces interest

*Altimeter Group

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„Build content around a brand, not about it.“ Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group

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What makes a great story?

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Storyline Meaningful Brand

Every story needs a Reason to be told.


Every story needs one main character.

Every story starts with a Conflict.


Every story gains Attention.

Transmedia & Liquid

Every story deploys Viral Power.

5 Step-Storytelling-Model ©Ketchum

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5 Step-Storytelling-Model ©Ketchum













ful B



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What are you talking of?

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What´s your company´s story? Vision, Mission, Values What story does your brand stands for? Brand Core, Values

Every story needs a reason to be told.

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Change the way you tell your story.*

Company, Brand, Product: Mission

Product-features, explanation how a company works etc….: Values

Believe, Purpose, Cause: Vision

Tell your story: Inside

out not

Outside in

*Simon Sinek: Golden Circles of Communications

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Link your story to a Basic Desire.

Love & Connection

Security & Stability

Independency & Freedom

Self-fulfillment & Live your dream

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Security & Stability

Independency & Freedom

Self-fulfillment & Live your dream

Love & Connection

Link your story to a Basic Desire.

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Who is your hero?

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20 |

Supporter Enemy



archaic action anti romantic tragic

Every story needs a hero.

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One main character makes

the difference.

We identify ourselves and

connect with one individual and not

with “a (target) group”.

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How do you get interest in your stories?

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23 |




Every good story starts with a conflict.



Past Future

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The Hunt The Journey The Romance

The Metamorphosis The Tragedy

Every hero transformes in a conflict.

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Corporate Storylines.

Who I am: The most traditional form of brand-to-costumer communication, brands simply and rapidly communicate their existence. (“All are the same, but I am different”) Why I’m here: These stories help forge a link between a brand and a particular time, place, service, mindset or need. (“All do the same business, but I am special”) I have a dream: These stories seek to inspire an audience with a vision of how the world or a category should behave. Successful visions are simple, well defined and bought into by consumers. (“And this will change the world.”) I know what you’re thinking: Brands that are never shy of drawing attention to the elephant in the room and tackling it head on. (“No one tells the truth, but I do.”)*

I’ll show you how: Brands often use “teaching” stories – either to demonstrate a product benefit or feature or to drive behavioural change – to ensure consumers rapidly understand what they offer. (“And this will solve your problem.”) I back you up: These stories disrupt normal corporate storytelling. The brand is stepping back and behind the consumer who is featured as a hero. The brand is supporting whatever a consumer is doing. (“It´s not about me, it´s about you.”) *Quotes from: http://buzzdriverstories.wordpress.com

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Corporation / Product / Brand

Information (News / Product Features …)

Impact (Benefit / Reason Why)

2. Narrative

1. Protagonists

3. Storyline

Elements of a PR-Story.

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Corporation / Product /


Information (News, Product Features …)

Impact (Benefit / Reason Why)

2. Narrative

1. Protagonists

3. Storyline

Elements of a PR-Story.

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28 |

Our Client (Corporation / Product /


Information (News, Product Features)

Impact (Benefit / Reason Why)

We need to shift.

2. Narrative

1. Protagonists

3. Storyline

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Images are the new Heroes.

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Great stories evoke emotions.

Emotion Humor Ironic Aesthetic Surprise Touching

Information Enlighting Educational Simplification Inspiring Innovative

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31 | 31 |

Facebook: 3,000 pictures every second 250 million every day Instagram: 40 million per day Tumblr: 61.6 million daily Flickr: 6 billion since 2004

Visual Tsunami

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The world is complex. Text is complex. An image is easy to read.

The world is at speed. Text takes time. An image is so much faster. The world is full. Full of information. An image breaks through.

The world is global. Text needs translation. An image is multilingual.

Why images win over text.

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33 |

What wins on YouTube?

1. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (971 million views) 2. Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off

the Earth (Gotye - Cover) (140 million) 3. KONY 2012 (97 million) 4. "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen -

Justin Bieber, Selena & Co. (54 million) 5. Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap

Battles Of History Season 2 (45 million) 6. A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET


.. #FCHW (39 million) 8. Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize

(38 million) 9. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled

teen (35 million) 10. Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall

from 128k' - Mission Highlights (30 million) *

*Top 10 YouTube Videos | End 2012

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Secrets of successful viral videos

1. Don´t overuse your logo. Users don´t share pure promotion.

2. Have a hot start: create joy in the first seconds.

3. Create an emotional roller coaster: change tempo.

4. Surprise is stronger than shock.

5. Focus on users who love to share: Extroversions and Egocentrics.

Source: Harvard Professor Thales Teixeira

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What can we offer?

1. Über-Images

2. Events to offer Status Stories

3. Support to manage their images

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„You have to have an

unique image every day –

across all channels.“

Susan Wassel Communications Manager

Sharpies / Newell Rubbermaid

Visual Storytelling

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37 |

New Rules of Storytelling

Page 38: Transmedia storytelling for brands

38 |

Book Movie Game

Book Movie Game The whole is only the sum of its parts. Dissatisfying: conclusion to consuming all media.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Satisfying: euphoria of collecting the pieces.



Transmedia Storytelling

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5 Step-Storytelling-Model ©Ketchum











ful B



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How to work with










ful B



Corporate Identity/


Hero & Brand Shaper

Content Strategy

Style & Tonality

Media & Digital


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Interested in more?

• TED Talk by Shekar Kapur: We are the stories we tell ourselves. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/shekhar_kapur_we_are_the_stories_we_tell_ourselves.html

• The Secret of Pixar Storytelling: http://www.awn.com/articles/secret-pixar-storytelling • Robert McKee: Story. Substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting. London 1998. • More on visual storytelling: http://de.slideshare.net/gapingvoid/gapingvoid-effective-visual-strategies-

13968978?from=favorite_email • Great examples on transmedia storytelling are to be found here: http://www.creativesandbox.com/ • A great example is this on AlkaSetzer: http://www.creativesandbox.com/#/case-study/google-alka-seltzer-proje

brief-by-google?&_suid=1353779046773037369701230852 • Das Zukunftsinsitut über transmediales Erzählen: http://www.trend-update.de/2011/12/01/transmediale-rabbit-ho

liquid-content/ • Coca Cola about liquid storytelling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LerdMmWjU_E ,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiwIq-8GWA8 • Und das hat Coca Cola daraus gemacht: http://www.indiskretionehrensache.de/2012/11/coca-cola-content-

strategie/ - http://www.coca-colacompany.com/

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Petra Sammer Partner | Chief Creative Officer

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