Twitter for Small Business

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Twitter is a great source for small business owners to improve visibility and increase awareness of their brand. It is also valuable for engaging with their community and growing networks. This presentation also mentions 17 tools to help you get started.


  • 1. What Twitter CanDo For Your SmallBusiness?Twitter is a great resourceforsmall business owners,particularly if you sell B2B.Twitter can build yourcredibility, generate leadsand sales, bring traffic toyour site, grow yournetwork and share content.

2. Build Credibility AroundYour Brand Keep all the user names for your social networks and sites consistent. Upload a headshot or logo Create a focused and compelling profile Utilize your Twitter background to promote your sites and services 3. Be Someone WorthFollowing Information should benefit your followers. Remember its about them, not about you or your products and services. Update often and remain consistent Tweet helpful links for your audience Ask relevant questions and respond to others 4. Build Your NetworkFollow Influencers; it allows you Engage:to stay updated on trends andfind others worth following.Participate in Twitter ChatsYou can find those in your industry Retweet your Followers through tools such as:Start Dialogue WeFollowDiscuss current events TwellowLeave comments on Twibs influencers blog TweetFind Connect Offline 5. Track Your Twitter StatsMore Resources TweetStatsTwitter Background: Twitter FriendsBrandmyTwitter Twitter Grader Twitbacks TwitArt Twitter CounterTrack Twitter Alerts Twitter Value Tweet Beep Tweet Alarm Klout Tweet Trak Kred