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Building a Partnership to Grow Your Business

Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

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Building a Partnership to Grow Your Business

Page 2: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Together with you, Unfold CONSULTING defines and implements a bespoke improvement plan, that combines

Revenue Generation tactics & Customer Engagement methodology

Page 3: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

We Unfold your revenue


Our Approach

Page 4: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Enhance your team skills set?

Engage with your clients?

Improve your profitability?

Increase your revenue?

What are Your Business Goals?

...Unfold designs & delivers the right solution for you

Page 5: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services


Incentives Strategy

Teams Tools


The ‘All in One’ Solution

Your ‘Hands-On’ Solution

We identify your blind spots & revenue blockers

We design a customised improvement plan

We implement it with you and your team

We focus on revenue opportunities

We enhance your team experience

We motivate your internal & external


Page 6: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Our Services

Focusing on all revenue generating departments, our audits identify what we call ‘revenue blockers’ using our own methodology. Our feedback is provided in a clear and measurable format We subsequently draw a precise plan of action that integrates into your company strategy to impact on revenue led objectives

Unfold takes on the full or partial implementation of the agreed plan of action, together with the in-house teams. Our participation is based on a short time bounded and impactful on-site/off-site collaboration

We review the plan on an ongoing basis to ensure continued focus and results delivery. We update your designated contacts whilst ensuring an effective communication flow between all parties



Page 7: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Our Services

Unfold takes into account the economical and infrastructure set up and combines it with a detailed examination of the competitor set, market mix opportunities and in-depth industry knowledge

Our impact and added value is in establishing and/or validating headline revenue projection supported by a structured sales & marketing strategy

Together with our associates, we design and deliver bespoke training programmes that are suited to our clients’ needs and environment

Delivered on a 1-2-1 basis or to a group, our communication combines dynamic methods and clarity of the objectives



Page 8: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Our modular solution

HR & Legal Area

Hospitality Area

Technology Area

Your Business Outsourcing




Our team of experts cover over 40 business disciplines

Expertise on demand delivered worldwide by hand-picked associates

Cost effective process which impacts on

your profits

Marketing Area

Page 9: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

The Company

Unfold Consulting Ltd was set up in March 2010 to provide strategic expertise and support in the field of Revenue Generation. The company turned over circa £80K in year 1 We define improvement programmes that combine Revenue Generation tactics and Customer Engagement methodology With a growing portfolio of clients turning over £4M+, ranging from single privately owned hotels to portfolios of operated/managed and franchised properties , Unfold Consulting is a recognised expert in audit, strategy setting and implementation We impact on the front and back office functions to influence the customer experience in view of generating higher revenues and improve hotel/brand positioning

Page 10: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Its Founder

Sylvie Cartiser – Managing Director, has worked for 22 years in the UK in the hospitality sector. She held various Sales & Marketing roles with Hilton International, New Otani, City Inn Contemporary Hotels (now part of the Hilton family), The Ascott Group (Serviced Apartments) to name a few. Besides managing Marketing budgets of up to circa £400K, Sylvie was responsible in her last role for a team of 11 individuals across two countries and a portfolio generating a total revenue of circa £35M Sylvie was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 1986 when she created ‘Objectif+’ (Qualitative/Quantitative Market research) after graduation and developed a portfolio that included Marks & Spencer, France Telecom, Credit Agricole As a recognised Member of the Institute of Hospitality (MIH) , Sylvie is a firm believer in promoting best practice, enhance skills and raise the profile of the hospitality industry

Page 11: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Our Clients

Page 12: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

What our network says about


“Unfold gave us a very quick and accurate assessment of the strengths and

weaknesses of our existing team and rapidly established a frame work for them

to follow going forward. In 2 short months of assistance and

support we have established a fantastic new team who have a well organised way of working and a detailed action plan to

follow to produce the results” Icon Hotels

"Sylvie assisted in the feasibility analysis of numerous high-level hospitality asset acquisitions throughout gateway cities within the United Kingdom. Her insight into market dynamics / performance,

competitor analysis, source / cross / key-feeder markets and their segmentation

proved invaluable in establishing / validating headline revenue projections,

and the investment decision process “

The Ascott Ltd

"Working with Unfold Consultancy has given us the advantage of having

the knowledge, experience, and active participation that were needed in order to organise, structure, train and having a result oriented Sales

force team.“ D-Hotel Konzept

Page 13: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Why is Unfold your Solution?

Our testimonials are evidence of our work ethic

and ability to deliver

Our professional successes are linked to revenue

generation, relationship building, trust and ability to


Our ‘can do’ approach is contagious, our training

sessions are intense

Our clients turnover

£4million +

Proven track record of increasing

Total Revenue

Our clients are operators, owners,

franchisees, management


Page 14: Unfold Consulting - Concept & Services

Let’s Unfold our Partnership and Together

Grow your Business!

Registered address: London / UK Tel: +44(0) 20 7193 4138 Mob: +44 (0) 7957 203 362 Skype: sylvie.cartiser Email: [email protected] Website: www.unfoldconsulting.com

Company number: 7213014 VAT reg no: 112 0520 86