Using Assessments to Retain and Attract Talent

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2. ROSEWOODHOTELS & RESORTSRosewood Hotels and ResortsEstablished in 1979, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is a privately held,ultra-luxury hotel management company based in Dallas, Texas.With more than 20 properties around the world, including the U.S.,England, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the Caribbean, Rosewood isa recognized leader in the resort industry. It has received more than 200awards and honors from the likes of Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast andForbes Traveler magazines.OverviewIn 2004, Rosewood began to look for a partner to help reduce turnover A N A LY S I Sand increase productivity. The company ultimately selected ProfilesInternational because of its variety of reports, language capabilities and The bestcustomer service. Rosewood uses two products ProfileXT and Customer assessmentsService Profile (hospitality version). The core objectives have stayed in are designedplace over the years, including lowering recruiting costs and increasing to be reliableemployee engagement. Today, however, Rosewoods relationship for analysis andwith Profiles has evolved, as has the application of these two tools. As decision-making.described by the corporate human resources manager, We have evolved to a point where we can take what we have and leverage it in ways we couldnthave imagined in the beginning.ProfileXTThe ProfileXT, which takes about an hour to complete, assessesindividuals in three key areas thinking style, behavioral traits andoccupational interests.1. Thinking Style The corporate human resources manager refers to this as the smarts. The tool evaluates an individuals verbal and numerical reasoning; the responses are either correct or wrong. A weighted average score is computed based on the type of role. For example, numerical reasoning would not be as critical for an HR role as compared with a role in accounting. 3. DELIVERINGWORLD-CLASSCUSTOMER SERVICE 2. Behavioral Traits Referred to by Rosewood as the hearts, thispart of the tool assesses 10 esoteric feel good characteristics.Examples of the behavioral traits include energy, assertiveness,sociability, attitude, decisiveness, independence and objectivejudgment. These questions are subjective, and there is no corrector wrong answer.Profiles developed a distortion scale that helps its clients determineif people are being honest with their responses. The tool asks fourdifferent questions that evaluate the same trait in determining ifan individual answers them consistently. The more consistent theresponses, the higher the distortion scale is which leads to theconclusion that the individual is being truthful. As the corporatehuman resources manager stated,Some candidates will tell you what they think you want to hear. This scale increases thereliability of the responses. 3. Occupational Interests This section assesses an individualagainst six areas of interest. As described by the corporate humanresources manager, every job has some areas that are moreapplicable than others. For example, in the human resourcesprofession, people service is high. Every job has three areas ofBEST PRACTICEinterest that are more important and three that are less important.The theory is that, if an individuals areas of interest match, he /Companies,she will be happier in the role and be a better Rosewood,(See Figure 3.)understand thelimitations ofThe corporate human resources manager clarified,an assessmentWe dont rely on this part of theand how the assessment as much. We like balance in ourinformation will people. It is nice to know information, but we havebe used. never not hired a candidate because their interests dont align to our patterns. 4. ROSEWOODHOTELS & RESORTSFigure 3: Sample Text from ProfileXTOccupational InterestsThe Interest section assesses the relative interests between the six interest areas. The topthree interests for Ms. Sample are shown here, along with the top three interests for thisposition. Note that Sally shares TWO top interests with the requirements of this position. TOP THREE areas of interest forTOP THREE areas of interest for this position. Sally Sample.Indicated interest in activitiesIndicated interest in activitiesassociated with persuadingassociated with persuadingEnterprisingothers and presenting plans andEnterprising others as well as presentingconcepts. plans and concepts. ..Indicated interest in activitiesIndicated interest in activitiessuch as helping people andsuch as organizing informationPeople Servicepromoting the welfare of others.Financial/Admin or business procedures. Indicated interest in activities Indicated interest in activities using imagination, creativity andsuch as helping people andCreative original ideas. People Service promoting the welfare of others. Source: Profiles International, 2009. or a high degree o con ac ProfileXT Application The ProfileXT is used for three distinct n.general also r lates to thi interes pat e purposes at Rosewood selectionBEST PRACTICE of new hires, coaching, and career and succession planning. ii lkiitCustom ld of busin of New Hires Selection ss Thes kindsassessments shouldest in People Ser ice ac ivities. H lping o h rs o p oviding them with All management candidates are required to complete the ProfileXTbe evaluated er a s, at the final stages of the interviewing process. A placement reportand updated to t I t r tisi i compares the persons profile against in pre-determined job pattern. the process of nn vation Although t is a eres area is not s crucial talign to company- Rosewood initially used ay ProfileXT predefined job patterns. Over stronger in e es , i d e p the ole.specic needs and time, however, the company was able to develop its own patternscriteria.customized to the companys culture and positions, so that it wouldt ortant par more accurate tool. How Rosewood experienced, the s from any have a of t e p acement de ision As ver, the user i reminded that th resu creationof custom job patterns can happen quickly. Every six to 12 months, the company revisits patterns and updates them based on the current top performers and dynamics with which it is dealing. 5. DELIVERINGWORLD-CLASSCUSTOMER SERVICEThe corporate human resources manager shared that 30 percent of KEY POINTthe hiring decisions is based on the ProfileXT report, in addition toIf someone is not interviewing data and feedback, work history, and reference checks.performing well,Coachingthe company canrun a report to see Rosewood progressed from only using the tool for placement tounderstanding its application in talent management. For existingdeciencies andemployees, a coaching report can be created. If someone is notpatterns of whereperforming well, the company can run a report to see deficiencies andthe employee is notpatterns of where the employee is not aligned to the job profile. Thealigned to the jobreport offers coaching tips for managers to be able to coach employeesprole. into alignment. For example, an HR role requires a numerical reasoningrange of five to eight out of 10. The corporate human resourcesmanager shared that her numerical reasoning score was a two. Thereport gave detailed guidance to her manager on how to coach her tothe job pattern. The report suggested that she be assigned numerical-based projects to force her to use numbers.Career and SuccessionThe ProfileXT report can be used to assess individuals against a futureposition. The system can take the results of the ProfileXT assessmentand indicate the jobs for which employees are best-suited. Foremployees, the tool is also useful for helping them to make careerdecisions. If an individual is at a crossroads, the company can give him /her the assessment to find out what jobs he / she is closely aligned with,based on personal interests and styles.Customer Service ProfileThe Customer Service Profile (CSP) is similar to the ProfileXT, andmeasures behavioral traits and proficiencies in mathematics andvocabulary. A thinner version of the XT, the CSP measures sixbehavioral characteristics (instead of 10) that are most relevant toa career in customer service. The six areas are trust, tact, empathy,conformity, focus and flexibility. The assessment gives Rosewood a goodindication of how people will interact with their guests. 6. ROSEWOODHOTELS & RESORTSSally S The CSP report is presented in five sections, including behavioralSally Sa characteristics (see Figure 4), proficiencies, job match percent and considerations for interviewing (see Figure 5). The last section, Sam Sally the company service vioral Charac teristics alignmenty of Behaperspective, evaluates the degree of Sally She ry of Behavioralperspectivect er stic se individual s Cha a on providing service to the between ther ry o f and that iexpressed haracompany. customer ehav o a C by the c terisa eiFigure 4: Sample ha i from Summary Job a c ark r Text g repres n s e of Behavioral Characteristicsa ern fo he ro eL E Tgh r.The darker shading represents the Job Match Pattern for the role of Demonstration Pattern-NOT FORu e ency odACTUAL USE. The larger ibox indicates her score. n st n e ft a t ems f12Trust Tendency to hold an thers r honora leunquestioning belief that the motives of12 3 4 5678 9 10others are honorableTact Tendency to state a positionwithout unnecessarily offending others12 3 45 678 9 10 Empathy Tendency to understandent l ace ent R p t anothers situation and feelings1 2 34 5 67 8l910g 7r ti n8 P t 9 n NOT nSource: Profiles International, 2009. ons 10onsid r a io ns o InsFigure 5: Sample Text from Conssetheored Mat Inte he Job M FO d CTUAL USE Ms esen dera Job for ide v ewinghe rker shading rep amp s ons t h Pattern for p v d rFOR darker shading Ms. Samp e the Job outside the Job atchrole of n in the areas l sted be owThe A TUAL USE. represents scored Match Pattern for the Pat e Demonst ation Pattern-NOTFOR ACTUAL USE. Ms w quest scored outside the Job Match he selection process nformation