Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation

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  • 1. Using for Lead Generation
  • 2. What Is ? Social Media is word-of-mouth advertising Facebook = Backyard BBQ, Twitter = Party!, LinkedIn = The Ofce LI is the business standard today Over 75M members from over 200 countries using it exclusively for business social networking (source: Its about making connections and building relationships through professional credibility Engage the audience and build a network
  • 3. s Purpose LI can be a valuable tool for business development With great power comes great responsibility Be Spider-man: Harness the power of the web Demonstrate your expertise and thought-leadership Dont try to be a super-hero, be relevant Dont try to sell your services, add value
  • 4. Proling LI Users LinkedIn Male 54% Who is actively using LinkedIn? Female 46% Average Age 43 Roughly 50% of its users are in Average HHI $107,278 the United States (source: College 77% Graduate 39% Entrepreneurs 31% Executives 18% source:
  • 5. Where Do You Begin? Complete Your Prole To 100% Watch the meter and it will tell you how updated you are and what else you need Add experience, education, and expertise Include Links To Your Company Website, Blog, Podcasts, and Portfolio You can customize titles Be conscious of keywords you use - think SEO value
  • 6. And Then... Add a Photo Humanize your presence with a professional photo Preferably a headshot so people can recognize you Phantom proles send the wrong message and portray an inexperienced user
  • 7. Build Your Connections LI is not a seasonal platform, stay committed You can send invitations to people based on recommendations from LI, your own network, uploading your contacts from Outlook, G-Mail, and others To connect with the people you must play like the people Information ows swiftly through the internet, but that other ingredient of relationships, trust, doesnt.The people I know who succeeded overcame this difculty by: Focusing their attention on reconnecting with old contacts, where trust already existed, or Focusing on local contacts, whom they could meet for breakfast or lunch, broken bread being a superior medium for developing trust. Posted on LinkedIn by Ford Harding
  • 8. Customize Your Invitations Do not send the generic greeting Its impersonal and comes off robotic Update Your Status No more than a few times a day You can sync your Twitter account up to LI Let the information ow that way or use LI as your primary status feed Share information that feeds your the brands you represent: you and your company
  • 9. Visit The Application Directory Under the More tab There is a variety to include, but the most commonly used are: Amazon Reading List - Allow your network to see what you are thumbing through Slideshare - Upload your presentations to appear in your prole (yes, this one will be there) Twitter - Displays a Twitter stream and allows you to isolate your LinkedIn networks stream as well; you can post directly to Twitter from LI WordPress: Publish blog posts to appear in your prole
  • 10. Participate In The Answers Section Under the More tab Search out questions being asked in your industry, areas of expertise, and/or interest Contribute: uncover people by asking questions and get involved in the conversations Share links to relevant articles, landing pages, I have certainly developed inquiries by being on LinkedIn. I do this by answering questions and contributing in group blog posts, videos discussions. It is a very good way to show your expertise, and that you are open to communication. I also try to connect with anyone I am in conversations with on the phone. It Thank people for sharing their insight with a gives them an alternate means to get information, as well as giving you an alternate means of contact. personal note and your thoughts Business Development Rep at InTouch
  • 11. Join Groups Look for parallels to your industry and interests Search for groups by keywords and nd related groups to join Visit the discussions and get involved with your contribution Add value to the discussions, dont sell I have been making many contacts through the groups and questions. I was on LinkedIn for two years before I did any networking. My network has grown from 12,000 to over 6,000,000 in a matter of two months.I learned by watching other people. Not everyone on LinkedIn is open to this, however, I avoid the ones who are not.Why join a network if you are not going to network? Posted by Gail Cavanaugh
  • 12. Create a Group Have a purpose Put yourself in a position to be viewed as an expert and engage an audience You are trying to get in front of people Use The Recommendations Feature People can write recommendations about you and vice-versa Write sincere, unsolicited recommendations about people youve worked with in the past Your recommendations will show up in the stream of updates within your network and theirs
  • 13. Follow Companies Search out companies and click Follow Consider following your customers or prospective customers Get updates from them, keep track of new hires, and former employees Screen Your Prospects B2B or B2C can benet by getting to know them before they arrive Find parallels that can be used as conversation tools and build rapport Does not guarantee anything but it could thaw out the conversation quicker
  • 14. Going Forward With Consider LI a professional networking environment Use common sense, do