Using Social Media to Attract & Retain Customers

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Text of Using Social Media to Attract & Retain Customers

  • Social Media to Attract & Retain Customers


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  • Today1. Situation & Context

    2. Getting Started

    3. Attracting Customers

    4. Low Cost Tactics

    5. Retention

    6. Trends

    7. Q & A

  • The Situation

  • Social media replaces nothing, but compliments everything

    - Neal Schaffer Author, Consultant, Speaker

  • Context67% of small businesses dont have a written social media plan.

    * CMI/MarketingProfs

  • * GlobalWebIndex 2015

    Internet users have 5.54 social media accounts

  • 46% of B2B marketers say theyre not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their


    * Business2Community 2016

  • The Opportunity

    67% No Plan

    46% Not Sure

    Opportunity for Social Media success

  • Which Quadrant Are You?

    Experience Executing Social Programs

    Measured Social Media




    Some things are working! Im killing it!

    Social doesnt work.HELP !!

  • 3-Piece Social Media Toolkit

  • Swiss Army Knife

    1. Video equipment

    2. HD Camera

    3. Social Management & Monitoring


  • Email Database

    1. Develop deeper relationships

    2. Catalyst to drive social media scale

    3. Most valuable owned asset


  • Valuable Piece of Content1. Builds your database.

    2. Establish yourself as a thought leader.

    3. Builds trust with your target audience.


  • Getting Started

  • Messaging SpectrumEmpathy Emotion Attitude Behavior

  • Stages of your SM program

    Know Your Audience Research & Listen Document governance/policies Set Objectives, Goals, Strategies,


    Develop Content

    Master One Social Channel Organic Growth & Distribution

    Respond Integrate with other Marketing

    Make investments Scale

    Most brands start here

  • Getting StartedDocument your governance / policies.

  • Getting StartedSet your social media objectives.

    Get x% more appointments per month. Generate x% more daily leads/enrollments.

    Drive x% more weekly inbound calls. Generate x% more monthly referrals.

    Respond to customer comments in social within 24 hours.

  • Select Carefully


    Private Groups

    Commerce / Lead Gen


    Brand Awareness

    Customer Support

  • Getting StartedKnow your audience. Build a persona - Who are they?

    How do they consume social media?

    Which network/vehicle makes sense to test?

  • Getting StartedMonitor your brand, competitors, market.

  • Attracting Customers

  • Attracting CustomersUsing social to drive sales (services)

    Promote your content.

    Engage in conversations.

    Drive to valuable content.

    Collect email address.

    Schedule appts / calls /

    webinars. Close sale.

  • Attracting CustomersUsing social to drive sales (products)

    Promote your social


    Drive to demos, how-tos,

    community, videos,


    Track purchases made via


    Provide great


  • Low Cost Tactics

  • Tight BudgetAdd Subscribe Buttons to your Facebook & Twitter Accounts.

  • Tight BudgetAdd URL to your Twitter Profile (

    Link to Terms & Conditions

    Link to your Content

    Link to Contest

  • Tight Budget

    High engagement -> Ask QuestionsInspiration -> Quotes Increase visibility -> related #######

    Leverage visual platforms.

  • Tight BudgetEducational Videos

  • Tight BudgetDrive Targeted Leads for $5 / day.

  • Tight BudgetRetarget Visitors to your site / blog

    Visit site. Leave site.See these ads in

    Facebook feed.Directed to order page.

  • Retention

  • Customer SupportProvide Demos and How-Tos

    How-To Video How-To Content

  • Customer Support

    Respond to negative

    AND positive


    Responses from real people.

  • Customer SupportSurprise and Delight

    Hand written letter. Target Influencers.


  • Customer SupportREAL Surprise and Delight

    Peter requested a Mortons Steak before his flight.

    Mortons met Peter after he landed with a steak.

  • Customer SupportPrivate Community

    Focus on top customers.

    Share thought leadership.

    Let customers help customers.

  • Trends

  • Live Video70% of companies now say video is the most effective

    tool in their online marketing belts. (FastCompany 2016)

  • Social AdsBy 2017, social media ads may account for a full 16% of all digital

    ad spend globally. (FastCompany 2016)

  • Influencers84% of marketing professionals worldwide have plans to start influencer marketing in 2016. (Schlesinger Associates 2016)

    AWeber & Amy Schmittauer

  • Influencers Use these tools

    Search for relevant #, people, categories

    Follow those relevant @ handles

    Tag influencer about your content : Hey @influencer, we just posted our top 10 tips about xyz. Did we miss anything?

  • Influencers

    Think of it this way

    Dell Pyramid of Influence

  • RecapEmpathy Emotion Attitude Behavior1.

    2. Complete your Crawl phase. (Governance, policies, objectives)

    3. Understand your audience before launching that social account.

    4. Master one social channel first.

    5. Use social to delight and educate your customers.

  • Tool Resources Create quote boards for social posting social posting and analytics : Free templates for social profiles : grade your subject lines : Signature imaging : Preview emails email verification service NPS, one question surveys Create images social posting on site survey tool Referral program

    platform Sign up form platform Landing page builder Monitor social networks Social media management Social media management Instragram schedule management Social Media competitive intelligence


  • Educational Resources


  • Questions?

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