Ways to attract trade show

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Ways to Attract Trade Show

Ways to Attract Trade Show

When you think of trade show exhibits, certain things grab your attention. Some examples can include putting on a grandiose light show, cool promotional giveaways, your favorite song playing from within an exhibit, or an appearance by a famous TV actor.

The entire point of attending a trade show within your own industry is to get the word out about what your company can offer potential clients. Below are some methods of drawing attention to your exhibit and successfully achieving the art of standing apart from the crowd.

People love visuals and colors. Using the color black in custom exhibits, for example, forces an authoritative mood for trade show attendees. Red symbolizes excitement and the color blue equates to a serene feeling.

For a new product launch, you would probably want to incorporate red into the design. If your company is exhibiting at a fitness show, you might use blue to gain some attention for your new yoga class. Lights can also be included in this category to earn glances from attendees.

Offering freshly baked cookies plays to peoples sense of smell and cravings. Who wouldnt want to step inside a booth with baked goods waiting for them? Pair it with hot coffee and youre setting yourself up for instant success.

Atmosphere matters when it comes to trade show attendees approaching your exhibit. People dont want to be in a jam packed booth where they cant even take a step. An open atmosphere will induce a welcoming feeling and moving the furniture towards the back or side of a booth will help with that.

Booth staff and attendees will instantaneously feel comfortable in your trade show exhibit when you choose quality carpet with padding. Sales staff will be good for the entire day and attendees will want to stick around to see how your company works for them.

Adding something fun with each staff member (useful giveaway, beverage, etc.) will make them feel at home and allow for fun, non-business like conversations to happen.Whether or not we want to admit it, people judge each other all the time.

Having a dress code for staff is necessary for trade show attendees to determine who is with your company. Getting shirts, pants, or a scarf customized for all of the booth staff to wear is important.

If theyll be working in your trade show exhibit for more than a few days, order a few options in their size for them wear. The dress code has to represent what your brand and corporate values are all about.

Technology plays a massive role in our lives, just like it should be incorporated when planning your trade show exhibits. Using e-mail blasts and sponsorships will tremendously help when gathering potential leads. With so many relatively inexpensive options, make sure you have all of them at your disposal.

Last, but not least, how your booth staff interacts with attendees matters. A well-trained booth staff is essential for a successful trade show. Only the best people from your company should be chosen because he or she needs to be a point-of-reference for everything about your company.

These people need to be able to start a conversation with attendees and keep it flowing. Booth staff needs to be welcoming, kind, knowledgeable, have an outgoing personality, and know how to handle various situations that may arise at a trade show.

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