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My analysis on magazine adverts. By Rezma Jusna

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2. Stars are always airbrushed and look perfectSurrounde d by some sort of backgroun d that represents the artist or their albumThis could include competitions and offers that encourage the market to buy the magazine so that they can find out how to meet their artists through various ways.MISE EN SCENE IS THE FOCAL POINTOffers & Promotions On Artists Concerts Glossy/Shiny CoverFocus On Star Image/Construction Close up of artist looking directly aheadMagazine AdvertsBig FontsHighly Aesthetical Voyeurism Is nearly always presentObjectification of mainly femalesCREATES AWARENESS OF THE ARTIST I.e. The colour red can symbolise love or emphasise sex appeal. So Female artists could be surrounded by the colour red.Bold Colours Colours can relate to potential target market 3. GENERALMAGAZINE ADVERTS 4. Costume: The artist is wearing a type of natural looking ninja dress. Her make up emphasises her green eyes (bold eyeliner used with a distinctive flick). Her hair is part up do part messy throw down. All of this costume combined gives the impression that the artist is very down to earth yet still has that elegance that artists tend to be portrayed to have.Star Image: The artist is portrayed in a mid shot with half her face covered by darkness. This effect could have been implemented to show that the artist herself is a very mysterious person. And that her potential is still unknown. This therefore will lure potential fans into finding out more about her.Voyeurism/Background: The artist image combined with her direct stare, give the impression that she is very un kept and that she may have a rebellious side to her. The background of the trees and river illuminate her natural green eyes and therefore intrigues the viewer to keep on staring at her eyes.Colours: The colours are all very basic and naturalistic. Shades of colours such as brown, green and gold are used. This could have been done to signify that the artist is very new and hence the natural colours that may imply that shes fresh from the earth.Text: The font that states the artist name is very big and bold. It is in block capitals and is filled with the colour white. This white colour ties in with the whole nature and star construction theme of this artist being a new artist and therefore pure.General: There is a barcode present. Other elements to do with the artist main genre (Rock) is present along side her picture. The image of the artist overlaps the actual magazine name yet is layered underneath other artists name and information. Some information about the artist is present on the front cover. 5. Costume: The artist is wearing a plain white t-shirt. His hair is in dreadlocks which is conventionally found within the Rastafarian community. He wears only a simple silver ring on one of his fingers.Star Image: Through the very simple use of costume it is clear to see that the star is trying to relate to those who aim to lead a simple life and just want to hear music that is not all auto tuned and fancy but just sound, plain, simple and nice. Which is what this artist is trying to portray through his image.Voyeurism/Background: The picture of the artist is placed above information about the artist latest single in a frame like manner. The artist who is not fully in the centre is seen looking away and laughing. This could signify that the artist wants to focus more on the music rather than himself.Colours: The colours are restricted to three main colours; Black, white and red. Grey and a deeper shade of red such as maroon are used. These colours contrasting against one another are simple yet incredibly bold. It gives the impression that the artist is very straightforward and so is buying his single.Text: The font for buying the single has the biggest font size and colour wise contrasts the most; the white font, against the black background yet has implements of red in it. The font that depicts the single is in a smaller font and is coloured white. Finally the artist name happens to be in the smallest font size, coloured red and seems to be squeezed together. The font sizes, colours and styles imply that the artist truly does want the focus to be on his music rather than himself.General: The record companys name is present. No conventional barcode is present. Information on how to buy the single in present however it is very vague at the same time. 6. Costume: The artist costume appears to be a black shirt. This black shirt combines with the background to give the illusion of the artists head floating in mid air. The hair of the artist can not really be seen due to the over layers of text. However it seems to look like the artist has a mullet.Star Image: There is a type of lightening image that is placed on top of the artists eye. This could have been placed there to signify that the artist is rising to fame as fast as a lightening bolt. The artist also looks very lost as if they are still searching for the potential fans that could support him. This type of lost and innocent look is contrasted with a dark and mysterious look (due to the dark background the artist merges with) can intrigue the viewer into wanting to find out more about him.Voyeurism/Background: The artist is seen looking straight ahead. His eyes seem almost transparent as the light hits it. This may have been done so that the artist seems like his not really aware of the darkness around him. The background is pitch black and gives the impression that the artist has a dark and mysterious side to them.Colours: Black, white, and hints of berry and blue are used. All this colours contrast against the image of the artist and therefore emphasise the artist image more.Text: The font sizes and styles vary throughout the whole advertisement. When the text is coloured white, it normally entails some important information such as the artist name and other key information that gives clues as to what is hidden inside the magazine. When the text is coloured a different colour it highlights extra information that the buyer may want to know.General: A barcode is present. Quotes from the artist himself is present. Effects on the artist name has been used to emphasise the artist. Offers are highlighted and present. The date is also seen on this magazine. Overlapping on top of the artist image is frequent on this cover. The actual image of the artist is very simple. 7. OVERALL POINTS IN GENERIC MAGAZINE ADVERTISEMENTS Are not very colourful Artist name tends to be smaller than other text Very simple backgrounds Tend to be based more around the artists genre then the voyeurism of the artist Magazine name is inconsistent when it comes to layering There are not a lot of offers and promotions when it comes to generic magazines 8. POPMAGAZINE ADVERTS 9. Costume: The artist is seen wearing all black clothing with hints of gold being present with the earrings and makeup. Great care has been taking to ensure that the artist is covered with the colour black in various ways such as; nail polish, lipstick and hair colour. The gold may have been added to show that the artist is somewhat wealthy as she can afford to wear gold.Star Image: The artist in essence looks perfect in the sense that there isn't a hair out of place. However the artists natural beauty marks have been kept to ensure that she still has a connection with average people. The artist due to the use of Mise En Scene looks very mysterious. The use of black clothing contrasts greatly with her pale skin almost making the artist seem unnaturally beautiful.Voyeurism/Background: The artist looks straight ahead. No very objectification al poses or clothing is present. The background which is plain white contrasts against the artist image which in turn emphasises the artists chosen look overall.Colours: Apart from the artist make up with is a smoky blue to contrast the blue eyes the artist has, the rest of the advertisement is mainly focused around three colours; black, white and gold. The gold colour emphasises the quality of music the artist intendeds to bring to the music industry with her music. The black and white may be to show that she is simple in the way that she is and therefore she will deliver on quality music.Text: Various font styles and sizes are used in this advertisement. A metallic font is used to emphasise the artist name. The metallic effect gives the illusion that the name of the artist is made out of gold. A black coloured text is never used. Instead an off gold and white coloured text is used in different sections to highlight different information. Different font styles and sizes are used to show separate key aspects that are important such as the song name.General: Sponsors and other brands that endorse the artist, have their logos present on the advertisement. Links to contact the artist and fan page is present. 10. Costume: The artist looks very formal and is dressed in a white shirt, black tie, black trousers, black belt and is carrying a formal purple jacket over his shoulder. The artist overall looks very well kept. There is no sign of a very bushy beard or un kept hair. Everything is neatly trimmed to go with his overall presentation of looking very smart.Star Image: The artist looks very charming and very gentlemen like through the use of Mise en scene. This gentlemen like stature is the very thing that the female audience may crave for in a male artist. Hence this adds to the sex appeal. The way in which the artist is standing and looking gives the impression that he is looking for something or someone. This could also in turn make the female audience think that he is looking for the special someone, and therefore it could potentially be them.Voyeurism/Background: The artist in this case is looking away. The background contrasts highly with the way the artist is dressed. The background essentially looks like a dump compared to how classy the arti