Why India is a Better Outsourcing Option Than Philippines?

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1. Why India is a Better Outsourcing Option Than Philippines www.virtualemployee.com 2. Top Outsourcing Destination India has been able to retain its place as a top outsourcing destination in the world, despite stiff competition from the Asian rivals such as Philippines. It offers a world-class outsourcing infrastructure, large employable population, and integrated service offerings. www.virtualemployee.com 3. India vs. Philippines www.virtualemployee.com However, Philippines is often portrayed as a tough contender for India. It has captured a large part of voice-based BPO services from India. 4. India vs. Philippines www.virtualemployee.com Philippines do have a case in point as it has shared a common culture with US and Spain. It has good infrastructure and a high literacy rate. But are these factors sufficient enough to dwarf Indian outsourcing advantages? The answer is obviously NO. 5. India vs. Philippines www.virtualemployee.com India offers high-quality service. No wonder it has produced more than 70 percent of total CMM Level 5 certification globally. It speaks a volume about the quality and capability of Indian IT companies. 6. India vs. Philippines www.virtualemployee.com On the other hand, the number of CMM 5 Level certified companies in Philippines is minuscule. So, you get much better assurance of quality and corporate governance in India. 7. Key Indian Outsourcing Advantages www.virtualemployee.com Cost-competitive because of the low labour-cost Large pool of qualified resources in any domain High-quality delivery infrastructure, and favorable regulatory climate Much better IT infrastructure than Philippines India offers world-class execution capabilities and is far ahead of Philippines on this parameter Philippines success story mainly revolved around voice-based BPO services. However, they have miserably failed to provide integrated service offerings Therefore, many global firms have decided to move away their BPO business from Philippines 8. Better Investment Climate www.virtualemployee.com India has been a politically stable country, whereas Philippines has a shaky track-record Current dispensation in India is working hard on the ease of doing business that will further improve the business environment 9. Innovative Business Model www.virtualemployee.com India offers groundbreaking innovation like a remote dedicated employee model It is highly suitable for startups and smaller enterprises The model provides technological agility, quality, flexibility Such models are not available in immature outsourcing market such as Philippines000 10. Call to Action www.virtualemployee.com MAIL FACEBOOK YOUTUBE TWITTER WEBSITE (+1) 877 697 8006