Why Pipeliner CRM is Different? Background & Principles

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  1. 1. Pipeliner CRM Principles
  2. 2. www.pipelinersales.com 3Pipeliner CRM Principles Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, Pipeliner CRM empow- ers sales reps with a tool they actually enjoy using and get real value from. Pipeliner CRM is now driving the efficiency and performance of sales pipelines of over 600 organisations across the world what could Pipeliner CRM do for you? Pipeliner CRM provides my team with the ability to track sales, products and services like no other product right now on the market. David Hickey, Associate Consultant Investors Group Financial Services Since many years our management successfully uses Pipeliner CRM, where they can get a real time overview of all internal sales activities simply per click of a button. More importantly, our sales team love to use it and, as a result, we were able to track a tremendous increase in sales. Florian Goebel, Managing Director Gefen Tensator has found Pipeliner CRM to be an easy to use business tool, which has both minimised the administrative overhead on our sales team and assisted us in achieving our business goals. Adrian Day, Chief Financial Officer Tensator Pipeliner CRM is SMART cloud CRM software that pro- vides a complete, B2B sales management solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. Pipeliner CRM is an intuitive, easy to use tool that sup- ports the day to day activities of sales reps, whilst deliver- ing the high-level, analytics required by management. Introducing Pipeliner CRM
  3. 3. www.pipelinersales.com 4Pipeliner CRM Principles Here are six reasons why Pipeliner CRM is a smart choice that will give your business a competitive advantage: Pipeliner CRM empowers your sales reps with a comprehensive, sales management tool theyll really want to use Pipeliner CRM promotes sales entrepreneurship within your business The software brings smart analytics to your sales pipeline Youll benefit from visual efficiency and ease of adoption You can access your data anytime and anywhere even if theres NO internet connection You can actively promote the alignment of your sales and marketing departments EMPOWER YOUR SALES REPS WITH A COMPREHENSIVE SALES MANAGEMENT TOOL THEYLL REALLY WANT TO USE Because CRMs have traditionally been designed from a manage- ment perspective, most salespeople think: CRM sucks. As a result, businesses waste money investing in technology that doesnt get used by the sales reps it frustrates. But Pipeliner CRM is different. As well as being a comprehensive sales management tool that covers lead management, opportunity management, account management, contact management and activity management, Pipeliner CRM is incredibly sales rep friendly. SIX Smart Reasons to Invest In Pipeliner CRM for Your Business With so many CRMs on the market, why should you invest in Pipeliner CRM for your business? 1 2 3 4 5 6 1
  4. 4. www.pipelinersales.com 5Pipeliner CRM Principles Identify blockages in your pipeline so you can fix them Quickly see successes and quick wins and identify best practice BRING SMART ANALYTICS TO YOUR SALES PIPELINE For your CRM to be truly valuable, it must contain the analytical capability to forecast and track real time progress. That way, issues can be tackled in advance of them becoming a problem. The challenge is most companies dont do this, because the analytics are too difficult to calculate. With Pipeliner CRM, its different. Unlike other CRMs, Pipeliner CRM automatically allows users to view on screen these FOUR key pipeline insights: NUMBER OF LEADS see at a glance the number of quality leads turn- ing into opportunities (not just raw leads) Thats because Pipeliner CRM was designed by sales reps, for sales reps. As a result, the software is visually engaging and intuitive with an easily navigable interface. More importantly, it oozes with funky features and tools that make day to day life for a time-pressured sale rep easier not more difficult. Finally, from a management perspective, because Pipeliner CRM gets properly used, you benefit from the detailed overview you need to really understand whats happening inside the business. Pipeliner CRM bridges the CRM gap. It empowers reps with truly useful sales tools whilst providing management with the high level analytical data they need to monitor sales performance. PROMOTE SALES ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITHIN YOUR BUSINESS Pipeliner CRM allows each sales rep to take real ownership of their oppor- tunities and manage them creatively. From customizable sales dashboards, to innovative data visualization techniques and a dynamic timeline view, the software has been crafted to help managers and reps manage the sales pipeline for results: Track individual opportunities and their status within their pipeline Monitor individual performance against quota Pipeliner CRM is chock-full of smart sales tools all spe- cifically designed to empower entrepreneurial sales reps. As a result, individuals have, at their fingertips, the data and insights they need to close sales and deliver on quota. 2 3 1
  5. 5. www.pipelinersales.com 6Pipeliner CRM Principles Pipeliners design makes it quick and easy to use so sales reps can spend less time entering data and more time selling: Hover over a key object to instantly see a snapshot of the underlying information, along with fly-out options for common actions Complete an action or schedule a meeting with one, easy click Avoid the frustration caused by endless drilling down into records Access clear forms, unfussy calendars and intelligent drop-down menus to quickly and efficiently input data See all your opportunities visually and in real time Fun, user-friendly, intuitive and infinitely useful these are all words that describe how Pipeliner CRM will be received by your sales reps. ACCESS YOUR DATA ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE EVEN IF THERES NO INTERNET CONNECTION Pipeliner CRM combines the advantages of a desktop applica- tion, with those of software delivered as a service over a cloud. The software is fully offline capable and uses a SMART cloud client (similar to Dropbox or Evernote) to instantly sync information. This means you still have all the advantages of the cloud, in that data is instantly synced, securely stored and backed up online and upgrades are THE AVERAGE DEAL VALUE see how much revenue each sale gener- ates, on average DROP OFF/WIN RATE easily calculate the number of leads you need to close a deal (by organisation/team/individual) PIPELINE VELOCITY track the length of time it takes a deal to prog- ress from lead to closure, as well as the length of time an opportunity typically spends at each pipeline stage Whats more, theres no complicated reporting or laborious spreadsheet entry required. Instead, Pipeliner CRM automatically calculates and displays these essential analytical insights. And with these metrics at your fingertips, youll in- stantly have a firmer grip on the performance of your sales and marketing activity. BENEFIT FROM VISUAL EFFICIENCY AND EASE OF ADOPTION Based on Adobe AIR, Pipeliner CRM provides a graphically rich interface that is more responsive, easier to use and simpler to integrate into classic office productivity applications, than comparable online services. Forget guessing. With Pipeliner CRM, youll benefit from real time sales analytics so you can forecast accurately, drill down and pinpoint how you can improve the performance of your pipeline. 4 2 3 4 5
  6. 6. www.pipelinersales.com 7Pipeliner CRM Principles Pipeliner CRM tackles this issue by promoting joined-up thinking between sales and marketing. For example, your win rate can reveal if theres a problem with the quality of leads, whilst your pipeline velocity can give an insight into the effectiveness of sales tactics. This degree of transparency allows sales and marketing to support each other which in turn, can lead to a higher closure rate. easily managed. But in addition, you have the added advantage of being able to access your data anytime, anyplace, on just about any device even if theres no Wi-Fi or internet access. With SMART cloud you can work from the tube/ subway, in a conference centre or even when your internet access is playing up. Thats because your data is available anytime, anywhere on any device. PROMOTE THE ALIGNMENT OF SALES AND MARKETING Its not uncommon for sales and marketing to be on different planets. Sales reps complain that marketing leads are junk, whilst marketing gurus moan that sales reps don't follow-up. In turn, these frustrations can harm the effectiveness and performance of your sales pipeline. Pipeliner CRM gives you deep insights into your pipelines performance so you can get a sense check on the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activity empowering you to implement any remedial action quickly. READY TO EXPLORE PIPELINER CRM IN YOUR BUSINESS? Then visit our website www.pipelinersales.com and sign up now for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. Or give our customer services team a call on 1-888-843-6699 or email info@pipelinersales.com to arrange a demonstration. 6
  7. 7. www.pipelinersales.com 8Pipeliner CRM Principles SEE CRITICAL SALES INSIGHTS IN REAL TIME so you and your salespeople can interact with your pipeline and stay focused on achieving goals. ENJOY GREATER ANALYTICAL CAPABILITY slice and dice your sales information in thousands of ways, and enjoy a tighter grip over your pipelines performance. ACCESS ADVANCED SALES TOOLS seamlessly manage contacts, stay on top of business opportunities and quickly access organisa- tional charts so you can identify decision-makers. INCREASE FUNCTIONALITY BY INTEGRATING PIPELINER CRM WITH YOUR FAVOURITE APPS AND TOOLS integrate with the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity applications, or use Zapier.com to link up thousands of applications including GoogleDocs, MailChimp and GoToWebinar (to name a few). ACCESS ADVANCED SALES ANALYTICS AND REPORTING FUNC- TIONALITY create accurate sales forecasts, generate reports and map your sales process quickly and easily. PROMOTE COLLABORATION AND TEAM COMMUNICATION use Pipeliner CRM Connect Modules to share information, delegate tasks, schedule appointments, provide advice or start discussions. EMBED YOUR SALES PLAYBOOK TO FACILITATE BEST PRACTICE document management features and the integration with Microsoft Share Point mean you can add sales tools, guides, checklists and other templates to each stage of the sales process and attach them to each opportunity. 2 3 4 5 1 6 7 At A Glance SEVEN Other Things You Can Do With Pipeliner CRM READY TO EXPLORE PIPELINER CRM IN YOUR BUSINESS? Then visit our website www.pipelinersales.com and sign up now for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. Or give our customer services team a call on 1-888-843-6699 or email info@pipelinersales.com to arrange a demonstration.
  8. 8. www.pipelinersales.com 9Pipeliner CRM Principles The Pipelinersales Corporation consists of a dedicated team of passionate people, committed to developing sales-based software that empowers sales reps and busi- nesses to excel. Pipeliner CRM is the brainchild of Nikolaus Kimla a forward-think- ing Austrian entrepreneur and IT visionary, whose CV, includes the creation and development of World-Check (www.world-check.com) a banking compliance solution which services over 5,000 custom- ers worldwide and which recently sold for millions. Pipeliner CRM has a powerful IT culture. Our hand-picked team consists of software engineers and technical consultants, alongside experienced sales and CRM consultants. Everyone in the business is united by a common goal, to create truly amazing CRM software that transforms the management of the sales pipeline, and empowers sales teams with a tool they genuinely benefit from and enjoy using. Pipeliner CRM, as a tool, is founded in the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. We believe good sales people possess natural entrepreneurial qualities. As such, Pipeliner CRM is designed to stoke this entre- preneurial flair, by empowering sales reps to take control of their own opportunities through the provision of the tools and analytical data they need, to achieve their targets. Take a look and youll discover that Pipeliner CRM is more visual, more interactive, more effective and more fun, than anything else thats currently on the market! Pipeliner CRM Brief Background
  9. 9. www.pipelinersales.com 10Pipeliner CRM Principles Our focus when developing Pipeliner CRM has always been on empowering individual entrepreneurial sales reps whilst encouraging collaboration so everyone works together as a team. Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, Pipeliner CRM helps close the gap between the requirements of C-level executives for transparency and the day to day operational needs of fields and inside sales. Nikolaus Kimla Pipeliner CEO READY TO EXPLORE PIPELINER CRM IN YOUR BUSINESS? Then visit our website www.pipelinersales.com and sign up now for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. Or give our customer services team a call on 1-888-843-6699 or email info@pipelinersales.com to arrange a demonstration.
  10. 10. www.pipelinersales.com 11Pipeliner CRM Principles The groundwork for Pipeliner CRM was laid with World-Check (www.world-check. com) a powerful banking compliance system that was developed by Pipeliners founder, Nikolaus Kimla. World-Check was operated by Kimlas company, up- time, and serviced more than 5,000 customers worldwide. In 2010, Thomson Reuters acquired World-Check for $530 million. In turn, uptime became a fully-fledge software house, free to focus on the develop- ment of its new CRM system Pipeliner CRM. Pipeliner CRM was first released to the public in 2011, as a freeware application. In subsequent years, the software has been upgraded and updated, to add more functionality and capability and to transform Pipeliner CRM into a com- plete sales solution. PIPELINER CRM MISSION Pipeliner CRM is designed to offer companies, of all shapes and sizes, the best sales management tool possible. In fact, our MISSION STATEMENT is to: minimise risk and secure the existing business whilst focusing on the future success of the company. What this means is were constantly looking at ways to improve and enhance what Pipeliner CRM can do for your sales reps and your business. Our aim is to become a market leader and create software that our users genuinely enjoy using and rely upon to achieve their targets. Pipeliner CRM History and Development
  11. 11. www.pipelinersales.com 12Pipeliner CRM Principles Our corporate culture is open-minded and embedded with the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. We believe the best idea counts and all staff are encouraged to propose ideas and suggestions. If an idea can be shown to be: logical, feasible and eligible for financing, it will be made a top priority regardless of who proposes it. This foundational principle makes Pipeliner CRM different and helps ensure our work remains inventive and inn...


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