Why the philippines is the best place for call center outsourcing

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The secret to running a successful business lies in discovering how you can provide the best service at a lower overhead cost. But is it even possible to do so without sacrificing quality?


<ul><li> 1. Why Philippines is the Best Place for Call Center OutsourcingThe secret to running a successful business lies in discovering how you can provide the best service at alower overhead cost. But is it even possible to do so without sacrificing quality?Around the world, corporations are discovering the benefits and perks of putting their customer serviceneeds offshore. The Philippines in particular has been taking the spotlight when it comes to offshoreservices as the industry continues to expand.It is certainly a more efficient take on running a business. Offshoring allows for the growth of a fast-pacedglobal industry that provides for bigger opportunities across the world, including rising economiccontributions. How?A country like the Philippines gives corporations access to a workforce that prides themselves for goodeducational levels, neutral accents and fast learning curves. This then gives more opportunity forcompanies to focus on training their team towards lead generation, collection, sales, customer care,verification calls, surveys, help desk functions, fax broadcasting, market research, website promotions,tech support, email support, appointment scheduling, customer win-back, customer reactivation, cross-selling, up selling, customer services, sales follow up and data entry. All the basic requirements andservices provided by top call centers around the world.Sited as one of the most technologically savvy and wired in countries around the world, Filipinos areknown for their familiarity with the latest technological advanceswhether via mobile or desktop. This factmakes the Philippines a preferred country for call center outsourcing given its growing reputation as atrade hub in South East Asia, in addition to the ease and convenience that a predominantly Englishspeaking country can offer for inbound call center services companies.Currently, the Philippines is technologically equipped to cater to any corporation interested in offshore callcenter customer service, that it can easily tailor fit technology for whatever industry or service required. Amulti-level support structure ensure that customers receive great service and more efficiently. Round theclock resources allow customers access to a team of expertly trained agents who can attend to theirneeds.Financially, offshore customer service call center services allow businesses to save time and cut budgetsto control costs in this ever inflated economic landscape. Saving on important financial expenses meansyou can put the budget towards more specific and specialized functions that allow you to focus it ontraining and more specialized functions.On a cultural front, the inherently westernized culture that is predominant in main cities and the capitalmakes it easier for offshore call centers to transition operations from their base operations to thePhilippines. Filipinos are very familiar to American and Western cultures and values, which can becredited mostly to the countrys colonial history that dates as far back as the United States during WorldWar 2 and the United States having governed the country from 1898 to 1946.Known for being a hospitable, genial and generally laid-back country, not to mention the tropical setting,the Philippines creates a very easy-going work environment where team members and managers alsohave the opportunity to further their educational opportunities and training options.As an industry that offers significantly competitive pay grades, the call center industry creates a verydesirable workplace. And as the industry continues to grow in the country, the local call center industrywill continue to be a source of economic and professional pride for the Philippines. </li> </ul>