Wisdio - A Story in Three Acts

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1. WISDIOA Story In Three Acts Sebastian Zontek 2. Sebastian Zontek - Bio 2nd companymanagement consulting (steady growth) 1 company st 3 company ndIT hardware/softwareinternet(fail) (big hope) years 3. Wisdio StoryAct #1 Lets hire a programmer! 4. Wisdio StoryAct #2 inside the building 5. Wisdio StoryAct #3 lean startup 6. What we have learned 7. #1How not to execute 8. #1 How not to execute in startupsLack of corecompetencesamong co-founders(Wisdio Act 1) 9. #1 How not to execute in startupsMVP!Focus!Milestones! 1882 - 2028 10. #2Product-market fit first! 11. #2 Product-market fit failProduct-market fitBlind faith in the original idea Waterfall approach No mockups/prototypes instead requirements specification Sitting inside the building 12. #3Lean startup is HARD! 13. #3 Lean startup is HARD! Its hard to throw away most of yourdesign/developer work Its hard to test hypotheses instead ofcoding Its hard to get outside the building Its hard to keep on such disciplinedapproach 14. Conclusions 15. Create and test the Canvas 16. Be smart in testing hypothesesFake itthanmake it! 17. Release often, measure & iterate! Just shit it out! Paul Bragiel 18. Useful tools 19. Testing landingpages (and ideas!)Mockups,prototypingUsers behaviortrackingMailing tousers or leads 20. One more thing 21. Questions@sebastianzontek@wisdiosebastian@wisdio.com