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WMS A Mind-blowing messaging service by Wapsys Technologies

Wms system

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WMS A Mind-blowing messaging service by Wapsys Technologies

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About Wapsys Technologies

Wapsys Technologies believes in future technologies. Our focus is to create new

and useful software, mobile applications.

Our team always aimed to build the software that will help users to handle it

trustfully. Our team always remember about user’s needs, expectation, privacy

and security.

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What is WMS?

WMS – Wapsys Messaging Service, is one of a kind software which will help Bank

to reduce it’s alert system cost up to 70%-80%.

WMS is smart, easy to handle and most secure in the way of notifying users about

their latest transactions with Bank.

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Today’s Notification SystemMost Banks use SMS [Short Message Service] for notifying their account holders

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SMS System Dis-advantages

Character limit

Language support issue

Credit Limit

DND Issue

Sender ID Issue

International Coverage Issue

Cost Effectiveness

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Current Rates For Alert System

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Bank Invoice of SMS Purchase

This is the original copy of Invoice.

The Dhule District Central

Co.Op.Bank Ltd, Dhule, has

purchased 1 lac bulk SMS from

Speedybulk Dot Com.

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SolutionWMS is the solution to reduce the alert system budget amount.

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What Exactly is WMS System WMS system is a web and mobile based software which help Bank to communicate with their

account holders just like SMS system.

If any account holder does an online or offline transaction, the Bank sends a notification about that particular transaction.

If the user has installed WMS system in his/her smartphone, our software will recognize it and will send him/her notification on WMS app.

If the user is not on the WMS system, he/she will receive regular SMS notification.

Also if the user has not turned on his/her internet for minimum 10 minutes, the WMS system will send him/her the notification through SMS system.

WMS system recognize if the user is registered for WMS or not registered for WMS system. As per the need WMS takes the action.

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WMS - Advantages

No Character Limit

No Credit Limit

No DND Issue

Multiple Language Support

Saving Message Option in

Printable Format

Affordable Price

International Coverage

Saving Paper

Instant Notification

Market Branding

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Usage of WMS System WMS can be implemented anywhere in the software.

ATM Online System OTPs

Offline Notifications

Other Notifications

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SMS Costing & WMS Costing

1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year0






















SMS Cost WMS Cost Savings

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How Bank Will Save The Cost




Phone Users2009-2011 2011-2013 2013-2015 2015-2018

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Market Branding

If any Bank is using WMS system to notify their account holder, that Bank will be the

world’s first Bank who will ever use the smartphone platform to notify customers

The Bank itself will get a market brand of technosavyness

Also Bank will be saving the money

In small expenses Bank is getting the service which match with today’s

technologies and it’s generation

Also Bank will be able to attract new generations to open an account with them

because of their familiar technology

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WMS SystemNothing Better Than This!Thank You