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Everything you need to know about starting conversations with customers online.

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  • 2. What We Do WildOutWest specializes in the rapid development of new ventures. We understand how to get an initiative through the early stages of exploration, proof-of-concept, buy-in from key constituencies and acquisition of customers: Brand Strategy Competitive analysis Value proposition development Brand relationship management Brand alliance architectures Key messages -taglines and value propositions Brand Development Brand naming (domain and trademark) Product naming and trademarks Visual brand identity Audio and web branding Corporate identity Communications Marketing support and sales collateral Promotional (internet and direct response) Development and execution of advertising Proof-of-Concept Working models of early stage initiatives Market viability and cost studies Customer preference research Technical due diligence Interactive Web development User interface design (applications) Multimedia Sales Engineering Market definition / redirection Top level message development Sales force training Sales intranet development
  • 3. New Ventures WildOutWest has unique and broad experience with launching new ventures and initiatives. While we are primarily marketing experts, our role often expands to include a range of services that could only be described as Venture Consulting. For people with ideas spread out on the kitchen table, we serve in many roles, including finding the most suitable capital partners. For established companies, we bring a fresh and pragmatic approach, which we chalk-up to the time we spend working in the kitchens and garages. The following is a partial list of notable venture projects: SRD Systems Research and Development (acquired by IBM 2005) Altamira Software Image Editing Software (acquired by Microsoft) * MPOWER /401kForum Asset Management (acquired by Morningstar) CoRelation Relational Search Technology (acquired by DigiMine) * Atomic Tangerine Venture Consulting Arm of SRI* ClearBlue Technologies Managed IT (acquired by Navisite)* The Bohan Group Due Diligence - (funded by First American) Actona Storage Management (Sequoia Funded, acquired by Cisco) Navio Digital Rights Management - Encorus Wireless/Mobile Payments and Platforms (FirstData) -London/ Germany* Velosant Supply Chain Management / Taxware (FirstData/ Harbor)* STAR PassCode - Payment Authentication -(FirstData) Omaha, NE* Morphic - Project Management Consulting, Seattle WA* Graphita - Live Studio Graphics Web Application BAMBU RUM - Super Premium White Rum, -Antigua
  • 4. What makes a strong name? The strength of a great name is in the ability to make a lasting emotional connection. An effective name reinforces the value proposition of the company or product it represents. It carries the first ten seconds of the introduction, and continues to function as a foundation for trust and rapport. Name development itself is about gaining an intimate understanding of the customers needs, then sculpting a unique personality that differentiates the way in which the brand meets those needs. The big ideas are in the strategy. 2008 WildOutWest, LLC All Rights Reserved
  • 5. Brand Image Development A unique trademark makes every other aspect of building successful companies and products easier. Again we go back to the communication of a value proposition. Not so much what it does, but how its better. It is a truth of nature that people go around in the world looking for what they want looking with their eyes. The visual identity is often as important as the name. This process is creativity directed at long-term strategic thinking. Genius from Mars 2008 WildOutWest, LLC All Rights Reserved
  • 6. managing online market liquidity Risk Management for e-business
  • 7. Youre nobody till somebody loves you Dean Martin BRAND RELATIONSHIPS Winning hearts and minds through valued brand relationships In this information age, every unimaginative product or service is doomed to struggle as a commodity. There are simply too many choices and customers are no longer demonstrating unwavering loyalty because a logo and a slogan have been pounded into their heads with frequency. So how do you get your idea into the hearts and minds of your customers, staff, suppliers and investors? We have found that people universally form stronger relationships with the things they value. We begin by dening a sustainable, competitive value proposition then work to create communications that connect this value with a strong sense of humanity and emotion. The identity of the brand becomes a personality that people can connect with because it has integrity with a sustainable value proposition. This all seems like common sense, but there is also another factor: the relationship itself. A brand relationship requires communication. Appropriate, genuine communication, as opposed to generic robotic type. We have developed a framework for managing brand relationships. It works like this: There are various stages in the life cycle of any brand. Just as with inter- personal relationships, brand relationships proceed through steps that can be dened, mapped, and supported. This is not to say that customer preferences are predicable: until we have perfected mind reading there will large regions of terra incognito. But in managing the actions and messages necessary to have a brand relationship work we have developed a systematic approach to understanding the stages that people commonly follow during their interaction with a brand. This may seem obvious, but for decades now the top consultants in branding have been telling everyone that the holy trinity of branding is consistent, clear and authentic Continue to buy into the last two points, denitely, but in place . of consistent, we would choose valued The difference is that it is necessary to . speak in terms of whats relevant to the customer. Because nobody loves a robot. 1 2001 WildOutWest, LLC. All Rights Reserved. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The methodologies and mechanics of the brand relationship scale and its application are copyright protected. All rights are reserved. This document may not be copied in whole or in part for any reason.
  • 8. BRAND RELATIONSHIP SCALE A brand can begin a relationship almost anywhere on this scale. A new brand usually begins at 0.0 or below. People usually move through each step of the scale. Two obser- vations to note: the common bond that holds a brand relationship together throughout is to deliver value and that most rst transactions happen at 4.0, when the product or service is understood to be valued. ACTION Love/Blind Faith Never let them down 7.0 Evangelism Increase the personalization and interaction 6.0 Preferred Consistently deliver beyond expectations 5.0 Valued Consistently deliver -Special treatment 4.0 Known / Understood Why are you better? Deliver on promises. 3.0 Skepticism Communicate value and answer questions 2.0 Noticed Communicate! What is your value? 1.0 Unknown / Non exist ant Promote! Get your name out there 0.0 and make a big impression. Misunderstood Find the lie, Communicate; Who are you? -1.0 Distrusted Communicate; Whats changed? -2.0 Hated / Despised Defuse the problem -3.0 In regard to the development of new brands, in is important to consider the life cycle of the brand and the fact