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You Brand Me - Personal Branding Services


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>www.YouBrand.Me</p> <p>Personal Branding is YOU.YOU are your BRAND!</p> <p>Personal Branding is the way you manage YOU and your career.</p> <p>Is your Personal Brandsleeping?</p> <p>Kick start your Personal Brand!First some mind numbing STATISTICS!</p> <p>First some mind numbing statistics!Take a picture during lunch with all participants5</p> <p>Over 200,00,000 blogsOver 2 million blogs today6</p> <p>More than 450 million users</p> <p>50 million tweets per day</p> <p>80 % companies look for prospective employees online.</p> <p>Over 100 million videos watched each day</p> <p>50% HR professionals Google about a candidate before making an offer.</p> <p>Is your brand lost in the social media crowd?How do I manage all that stuff?</p> <p>So, how do I create a Personal Brand?Call in the PERSONAL BRANDING specialists today!</p> <p>www.YouBrand.MePERSONAL BRANDINGCONSULTING </p>