Your Guide to 'The Cloud'

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<ul><li><p></p><p>of SMEs believe that it has providedthem with competitive advantage</p><p>78%of small businesseswill have adopted</p><p>cloud by 2020</p><p>37%of businesses currently</p><p>use cloud services</p><p>of organisations usingcloud are satisfied with it</p><p>58%adopt email</p><p>45%would usefor storage</p><p>58%for hosting services</p><p>54%use for backup</p><p>52%are concerned with privacy</p><p>34%lack of operational control</p><p>21%low performance standards</p><p>SME Guideto</p><p>the cloud</p><p>WHAT SERVICES ARE BUSINESSES MOST LIKELY TO ADOPT?</p><p>WHY BUSINESSES ARE RELUCTANT TO ADOPT CLOUD SERVICES</p><p>59%</p><p>56%</p><p>90%</p><p>of SMB cloud adoptersreported significantproductivity benefits</p><p>27%would use for</p><p>booking systems</p><p>Automatic software updatesOff premises servers are maintained by the</p><p>supplier, meaning you dont need to maintain</p><p>FlexibilityScale your service up or down</p><p>depending on your demand</p><p>Disaster recoveryAffordable cloud based backup</p><p>No CAPEXNo high cost expenses</p><p>associated with hardware</p><p>Work togetherGreater collaboration between colleagues</p><p>able to edit and share documents</p><p>Work on the moveAccess work from anywhere in theworld with an internet connection</p><p>SecurityMilitary grade data centresensure your data is secure</p><p>What is the cloud?Cloud services are software or storage that is hired on a subscription basis, with public or private infrastructure based on business requirements.</p><p>of organisationscan expect to</p><p>save20%by using</p><p>cloud services</p><p>REASONS TO CHOOSECLOUD COMPUTING</p></li></ul>


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