5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work

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    21 Jul 5 Ways to Enjoy Your WorkPosted at 13:33h in Business

    When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play.

    Your work can represent eight hours of your day, which is a third of your life. Its important to enjoy your work asmuch as you can to live a happier life. How you feel about your work will also affect other aspects of your lifeincluding your sleep, health, relationships, interests and hobbies. Lets get into the 5 ways to enjoy your work.


    The first thing that is very important is to find work that you are Passionate about. Enjoying your work plays animportant role in your life, as it will improve others aspects of your life.

    So how can you find something that you are passionate about?

    Look for other things in your life that you enjoy doing. For example if you enjoy playing guitar, you could open upyour own guitar shop and even teach guitar lessons.



  • Work for Yourself

    The second factor that plays an important role in your enjoyment of work is to Work for Yourself or Become your ownBoss. You can read my other article on Being Your Own Boss Here for further knowledge.

    If I would have to give you the number one reason to work for yourself though, it would be that you would have morefreedom and flexibility in your life, as you could create your own working hours and have more time to enjoy otherthings outside of work.


    The third factor of enjoying your work is to truly make a Difference to peoples lives with your work. How manybusinesses out there truly make a positive difference to people?

    Maybe MacDonalds is one of them? (Just Kidding)

    Whether or not you work for yourself or for someone else, try to find something that you can actually see that you aremaking a positive difference to peoples lives.

    For example helping people grow their businesses, become happier, live healthier lives and so on.


    The fourth factor to enjoy your work is to find Balance between your work and your free time. Learn to find youroptimal working times and conditions.

    If youre working too hard and for long hours, youre probably too stressed to enjoy your work, but not only that, itseffecting the time outside of your work too.

    In this scenario try to cut down your working time (provided you work for yourself) while maintaining the quality ofyour work and accomplishing what needs to be done within allocated time periods.


    The fifth and final factor to enjoy your work is to actually focus on putting your Lifestyle needs before your workneeds. This includes your own needs, family and friends.

    After all, what is life without yourself, your family and friends?

    You should start to spend time with the things that matter more than your work. You will start to enjoy your personallife much more, making your work also more enjoyable.

    Remember, focus on enjoying your work alongside your lifestyle so that you can wake everyday bursting withenergy!

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