6 Key Traits of World-Class Managers

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6 Key Traits of World-Class Managers


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6 Key Traits of World-Class Managers

The leaders first objective is to surround themselves with world-class managers.

Cultivating a strong management team is critical. A weak links will undermine company efforts faster than any competitive threat.

Truly exceptional managers demonstrate traits that separate them from the mediocre (easy to spot once you know what to look for).

A great manager displays a deep seated passion for the job. They are guided by external objectives but internally motivated to be the best.Traits of the world-class managerDeep seated passion for the job.

Traits of the world-class manager Sees a world full of creative opportunities.Thiers is not just any department within the organization. Its their department. The world class manager thrives by thinking outside the box and finding dynamic ways to achieve objectives. These are leaders to cultivate and grow.

Team performance is the true responsibility of a great manager. The mediocre find excuses and blame others. The "It's not my fault!" thinking brings down the performance of the whole company (one bit at a time).Traits of the world-class manager Accepts responsibility for team performance.

Traits of the world-class manager Appreciates communication and feedback.The excellent manager embraces open communication and feedback as part of the process in building a great working culture. The mediocre manager is defensive and provides little opportunity for staff communication.

Traits of the world-class manager Views department in the big picture.The world-class manager understands that the overall success of the organization depends upon the smooth operation of their department. The priorities and goals they set contribute to the success of the company (not just to their career).

Traits of the world-class manager Thinks quickly, acts decisively and learns continuously. A top-notch manager understands the balance between doing and thinking making hundreds of critical decisions every day. The mediocre manager asks questions seeking more information. The excellent manager takes action, learns quickly and revisits the subject as needed.

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