7 Things Introverts Can do to Turn Networking for a Job from Bad to Good

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7 Things Introverts Can Do to Turn Networking for a Job from Bad to Good

We have to network and build relationships for jobs, resources and opportunities.Even with all that the Internet gives us, people hire people.

Being around people sucks up our energy. We almost go into autopilot to save energy, which means we do avoid networking events or even parties.

We tend to form relationships one-on-one. It helps save energy and allows us to focus, which we do very well.

Dont despair; there are things you can do to work with your natural tendencies.

Schedule yourself to daily get away from the desk and get to know someone better.Tip #1: Expand where you are.

Use Linked In to locate some of your former workmates.

Tip #2: Look up former workmates.

By focusing in on just meeting 2 or 3 people, you will reduce the overwhelm and feel good about going.Tip #3: Dont work the room.

When you finish speaking to someone, ask for their contact information and suggest coffee.

Tip #4: Follow up is not stalking.

Take the pressure off yourself that you have to get traction with everyone because its not realistic.

Tip #5: Not everyone is perfect for you.

Do not make demands until you have spent time nurturing the relationship.

Tip #6: Give first.

Ask a friend to bring a friend of theirs to meet up for coffee. Explain to them, you are expanding your circle and you trust their judgment in people. Tip #7: Ask a friend.

Start with one tip and master that before adding another one. Just realize we dont all have to do things the same way.

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