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Executive Assistant ApplicationFirepole MarketingAmy Curran

Most Important Piece of Work

Organized Google Apps to Organize a Virtual OfficeProblem:We had more than 20 volunteers trying to coordinate programs and communicate with over 400 parents and teachers.

Things to ConsiderVolunteers want something quick and intuitive.We have a huge range of computer knowledge.We need to be able to pass information on year to year.

We Need a System that is:Familiar Cloud BasedEasy to collect informationEasy to disperse informationIntuitive to organize

My Solution

Google for Nonprofits

How I Made This HappenSet up Gmail for OrganizationApplied for Google Apps for NonprofitsPurchased a Domain Set up individual email for each of the officers.Created a form that was emailed out to all parents to collect information. (This information went directly into a spreadsheet.)Organized information in spreadsheet created a contact for every parent.Set up file and contact by committee/event.Created a tutorial about how to find needed information. Trained all leaders in how to access information and troubleshoot.At the end of the year, all information will be put in a file and passed to the next set of officers.

Keys to EffectivenessEveryone is familiar with GoogleSet up to intentionally gather and disperse information. Before, we could gather it, but there was no good way to share and update.Training, training, training.

A close second..

Honey Bees OKCI created business plan, logo, website with photography, business cards, social media plan for a local cleaning service.

Personality trait that will best support me succeeding with Firepole Marketing.

Intuitive OrganizerI thrive on systems and organization. I am very skilled at finding the source of a problem and developing a systematic way of solving it.

I have strong communication skills and I enjoy working with people who like to think outside of the box and create something innovative.

*** Second, I am very optimistic.

What about FM most resonates with me as a place I want to work?

Your Mission StatementA community of Beacons.