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1. About.Me & Social Networking Tips For Professionals Laurie DesAutels APRA GREATER HOUSTON WINTER WORKSHOP MARCH 6, 2015 2. LETS TALK ABOUT TWO SIMPLE WAYS TO HELP BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND ONLINE About.Me 3. ABOUT.ME What Is About.Me? My About.Me Profile 4. is a simple online service acquired by AOL and serves like an E-Business card. allows you to include your bio, personal pictures, and connect your personal and Business website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, and Google Plus. 5. 1. Build Your Online Presence Its a great place to start, or improve your presence on the web. has a really good reputation online and is trusted by Google as one of the main sources of information about professionals, artists and online users. 6. 2. Public Prole You will go public in no time and visitors don't have to sign up to see any of your information. Creating an account will most probably land you on the first page on Google search, and will gain great presence and more turf in the online landscape. 7. 3. Market Your Business Use it for managing your brand and reputation. Drive awareness to your business with a simple, beautiful page. About.Me gives you an option to integrate all your social channels in one location, as a social hub,while allowing you to add links to your sites and other personal pages. This will in turn create more awareness and send quality traffic to your brand. A lot of recruiters take into consideration the online effort that applicants put into place. Adding an profile to your online application will give an advantage over other applicants or compositors. 8. Information obtained from Inc. Magazine 9. Information obtained 10. FOR MOST OF US LINKEDIN IS OUR ONLINE BRAND Awareness - Who we are: Name, Title, Photo and Professional Summary Trust Our Experience and Credentials Reputation - Skills, Certifications, Achievements, Recommendations Perception Overall feeling combining Interests and Personal Details People are checking out your profile! 11. LINKEDIN STANDARD INVITATION 12. INVITATION INBOX 13. BE YOURSELF AND PERSONALIZE A THANK YOU NOTE 14. PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT BUILDS PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS 15. TRY TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF 16. ! 17. WAYS TO CONNECT WITH 2ND AND 3RD DEGREE PROFILES 18. HOW TO UPLOAD A CSV FILE 19. SHOULD I ACCEPT AN INVITATION FROM SOMEONE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES? 20. FIND GROUPS THAT ARE RELEVANT Engagement is KEY! Vary LinkedIn Groups according to your industry or niche to stay up to date with the latest news Start a discussion in a group and/or share an update Stay on top of posts you create in Groups Stay in touch with other members who may comment on a post you share and/or have questions Turn Monologue into Dialogue Respond to other group members with relevant information that may provoke additional questions or additional responses Help others out by asking questions and adding additional information that may lead to another response 21. LINKEDIN GROUPS 22. WHERE DO I START? Have you ever had an excellent review or received a fabulous compliment during a conversation with someone you work with? Why not ask them if they could turn that compliment into a LinkedIn recommendation? Recommendations are your online references Suggest that you can send them a summary of the compliment recently given and let them add their personal touch to a recommendation 23. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Grovo - is a learning technology company that trains organizations in digital and professional skills through 60- to 90- second videos. Podcast Panel: Get More Out Of Linked In 24. LAURIE DESAUTELS BLUEPRINT RESOURCES, LLC RECRUITING & SOURCING STRATEGIST 713.703.4751 [email protected]

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