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GMHBA IT - CareersPaul Hulett, CIO


My Journey

My Career path?Geelong High School (Belmont High School)Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from RMITWorked at a local Vendor and Technical Manager/Systems Architect2008 (late) Joined GMHBA as IT Manager. Total technical staff in 2008 was 5 of which 3 were IT.2009 IT and Systems Manager 2013 Executive of IT 2015 CIO current staff of 25+


Why IT?

Why IT?I like to fix things.I think IT are mechanics of a business, fundamentally most IT people love a problem that requires abstract thinking to correct.As you go up the ladder, the problems are bigger and take longer to correct (Frustrating) but in the end we are still performing the same task.As a CIO my task is to bring new technologies to GMHBA and make sure that our technology is correctly placed to provide a competitive platform for the business to operate. Its a role of influence and requires changing traditional perceptions of technology capability.3

Who is GMHBA?Our MissionSupporting the health of our communities for generations

Our VisionAustralia's leading regionally based health fund most recommended by our communities for the contribution that we make to their health and wellbeing.

Community Focuses

Multiple Brands

Diversification into Clinical Optical, Dental, GP, Health advice, Care Coordination

76K members in 2008 to 170K in 2015

140 employees to well over 250 now4

Who is GMHBA?

Community Focuses

Multiple Brands


Diversification into Clinical Optical, Dental, GP, Health advice, Care Coordination

76K members in 2008 to 170K in 2015

140 employees to well over 250 now


Who is GMHBA?

IT Focus Areas

Supporting business scale objectives Like being able to take on another 40000 members quickly

Customer Experience - To create the tools and services to deeply connect to our targeted customers providing experiences that will delight.

Online Presence To innovate, create, integrate and present the GMHBA digital services into a compelling online offering providing high value and competitive advantage

Knowledge To understand our customers needs and motivations better than any of our competitors and provide the business with the information required to make the correct decision


Current Major Projects:Implementing a new responsive designed Private Health Insurance acquisition framework for use across multiple brands. Ultimately driving efficiency and customer experience.Implementing new member and provider portalsImplement a new data warehouse and visualisation tools, including machine learning capability etcRevamping the core:Implementing an ESB into GMHBA to integrate our systemsImplementing a new business wide CRM system.Implementing a new customer communication management system


Activity StreamsAffective computing/Mood RecognitionBioChipsRoboticsHome MonitoringHealth MonitoringPatient decision Aids


*** 50% of these roles will be filled internallyApproved Roles for IT in FY16

Approved roles for FY16Digital Delivery ManagerWeb Business Analysts - this role will primarily be responsible for ensuring the technical deliverables of the Digital teams solutions.2 x .NET Developer Will work within the digital delivery team. Front End Web Developer CRM system configurator Microsoft dynamics and ADX studios Business Intelligence DeveloperIT AdministratorQuality Assurance roleService Desk rolesWeb Content Coordinator


New Roles for IT

Future roles requiredService Delivery ManagerIntegration DeveloperApplications DeveloperMore .NET Web DevelopersBusiness AnalystsSystem ArchitectService Desk RolesInnovation Role


*** 45 roles by 2025Future roles in IT


Must have competencies:

Value Orientation Be AdaptableFostering InnovationTechnical ExpertiseDiagnostic Information GatheringManaging ProjectsManaging ChangeAnalytical ThinkingForward Thinking

Must have competenciesMust have (especially for a career not a job):Value Orientation - The ability to understand what is valuable to the business revenue and strategic direction

Be Adaptable - The ability to adapt to a fast paced agile business that is diversifying into clinical products.

Fostering Innovation - The ability to develop, sponsor, or support the introduction of new and improved method, products, procedures, or technologies.

Technical Expertise - The ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill in a technical area.

Diagnostic Information Gathering - The ability to identify the information needed to clarify a situation, seek that information from appropriate sources, and use skilful questioning to draw out the information, when others are reluctant to disclose it.

Managing projects; planning, prioritizing, and administering work - Understanding organisational project methodology.

Managing Change - The ability to demonstrate support for innovation and for organisational changes.

Analytical Thinking - The ability to tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.

Forward Thinking - The ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies



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