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Jervey Olympic Weight Room


18 Squat RacksOpen TurfSorinex EquipmentPowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells 2 Exxentric kBoxes1 Pitshark Squat Rack6 Prowler Sleds6 GymAware Units4 Tendo Units 6 ipads 2 Weighted Ropes 4 Treadmills4 Versa Climbers5 Spin Bicycles 4 Slide Boards HurdlesMedicine BallsWeighted Vests

Mission Statement The major goal of the Tiger Strength, Speed and Conditioning Program is to provide to our competitive athletes the means by which they develop attitude, work ethic, mental toughness, discipline and pride, in-self and total program.Athletes will train consistently, sensibly, and systematically over a designed and designated period of time, in a safe, clean, and professional environment to prevent injuries and enhance performance.We believe Strength, Speed and Conditioning is the key to a successful athletic career at Clemson University. We are always researching, developing and implementing strategies to give us the cutting edge to achieve peak performance.

Vision Statement To gain recognition as one of the premier NCAA Division I-A Strength, Speed and Conditioning programs in the country by providing outstanding coaches, state of the art facilities and performance nutrition assistance.

Clemson Olympic Sports Teams Womens SoccerMens SoccerWomens GolfMens GolfWomens TennisMens Tennis Womens Track & FieldMens Track & FieldWomens Diving Baseball Womens RowingWomens Volleyball

Strength & Conditioning Internship Clemson Strength & Conditioning Interns work with all of the Olympic sports teams. Interns mainly work with the larger sports teams that need more assistance. Duties:Assist strength coaches in coaching athletes on proper weightlifting techniqueWork with injured athletes Data entry using Microsoft Excel Maintain weight room facilities

Clemson athletes use polar heart rate monitors to track their heart rate during workouts. Polar heart rate monitors allow strength coaches to see what energy system their athletes are utilizing. Clemson interns learned how to use the polar heart rate equipment and assess the data that was recorded.

Clemson Interns used the polar heart rate monitors for the womens and mens soccer team. Athletes wore the heart rate monitors during their games to see how long they were in each heart rate zone. Clemson interns received the data from the polar heart rate monitors and polar heart rate app and organized the data. Based off the data, strength coaches were able to create conditioning workouts specific to each athlete.

GymAware UnitsDuring the course of the internship, interns learned how to use gymaware technology to track the athletic performance of athletes. LPT (Linear Position Transducer) designed specifically for measuring performance in athletesAttaches to barbell and measures athletes power output Measures an athletes peak velocity, peak power, mean velocity, and mean power

Exxentric kBoxClemson Interns learned how to use the Exxcentric kBox machine. This machine is typically used for injured athletes because it takes pressure off of the lumbar spine. It is also a great training tool for increasing strength and power in athletes.

Provides force through kinetic energy and inertiaFlywheel TrainingEccentric OverloadVariable resistance

Pitshark The Pitshark is a squat rack that places the load in front of the athlete, rather than on the athletes back. While interns worked with injured athletes, they assisted them in using the Pitshark. Athletes with back injuries typically use the Pitshark instead of doing regular back squats.

Weekly Assignments Interns meet each week to go over weekly assignments discussing numerous strength and conditioning topics. These topics include different programming methods, exercise techniques, sports psychology, etc.

Final Project: Program DesignAt the end of the internship, interns will present a four week long training plan for the sport of collegiate softball in the late off-season. Interns must provide strength movements, speed/agility/quickness, and conditioning exercises. The program must also include the sets, reps, percentages of each exercise, while also providing a warm up and any corrective exercises needed. The final project is then presented to the Clemson Strength and Conditioning staff. This project is used to prepare interns for future strength and conditioning positions and the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association exam (CSCCa).

Final Project: Resume BuildingInterns will create a new and improved resume, cover letter and list of references at the end of their internship.

Internship Goals & ObjectivesThe purpose of the Clemson Strength & Conditioning Internship is to teach interns the fundamentals of strength and conditioning by giving them a hands on experience with athletes. Interns gain great experience by learning from numerous strength coaches on staff. By the end of the internship, interns should have a good understanding of how to program a training program for any collegiate sport.


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