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WHAT IS A DIGI PACK?A digipack is a type of packaging for CDS or DVDS, typically made from cardboard with an internal plastic holder for one or more disks. It is a registered trademark of AGI Media and MeadWestvaco, etc.. The conventions that usually re-occur within a digi-pack is:They normally have a gatefold like a book, so they fold equally down the middle.The outer packaging is typically made of card and/ or a paper consistency.The inner packaging is usually plastic. They are normally used on special editions and albums.More vulnerable and likely to damage easier than normal album cases. They became popular with artists and record labels, and used to distribute music on a global scale in the early 2000s.

THE FOLDS OF A DIGI PACKDigi-packs have been designed efficiently to fold in to a square shaped CD case. They can fold in many different ways to create different shapes and structures and can also have many different panels, to hold a certain amount of disks.The front and back panels are the main promoters of the CD are very much used to draw in customers, and are usually bright and attractive.The inside of the digi-pack is used more for information and extra bits relating to the song/album and the artists and often they have a booklet of the lyrics which goes to all the songs that appear on the album.The theme of the inside packaging normally more subtle and plain inside compared to the outside packaging. The cardboard/paper folds around the plastic case which secures the disk in place.

The front of Digi-packs tend to have a large eye-catching picture on them.The picture illustrated on the front panels tend to have some relation to the songs or artist. The song/ album title is also found on the front panel. FRONT

BACKThe back of a digi-pack has certain conventions that usually appear on all cd/dvd covers. What usually appears is: A track listAlbum cover artworkRecord labelExtra informationBarcodeArtist/Album name

Track listArtwork/imageryArtist & Album nameBarcode Extra- informationRecord label

INSIDEThe insides of digi-packs can vary depending on the genre and style of music being advertised. You always find the plastic holder for the actual physical CD itself.Most of the plastic holders these days have a see through packaging with another piece of album artwork behind which goes with the rest of the packaging. Inside the pack it is also common to find more information and possibly more artwork about the cd and the artists.The extra information that is sometimes found within the packaging is:Song lyricsArtist informationPersonal messages Artwork/designs reflecting the song and album

VARIATIONDigi-packs come in all different shapes and sizes. There is a wide variation of digi-packs in the market but theyre widely available in all different music shops because many places sell CDs and DVDs. The artwork and designs are always different, with different panels and folds. It all depends on the artists and how they want their albums to be represented to the general public, it is usually designed to target a mass audience based on genre and style.