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1. Get ready to rumble, in an all-out, crazy series of hiring events for new sales associates; mix that with the ongoing Back-to-School Shopping currently happeningat every store here in the valley- each featuring a ton of customers all shoppinglike there's no tomorrow SOUNDS LIKE FUN? COMING SOON TO A RETAIL STORE NEAR YOU A HIRING PALOOZA They havent startedpick your store and go get in the front the coming line of applicants! PS: Be sure to buy one of the world-famous HIRING PALOOZA mugs or tee-shirts @ 50% OFF with your employee discountif you get hired! 2. IM SORRY! ALL THE DAILY JOB BOOKS WERE GONE! GONE, I SAY NOT ONE WAS LEFT! BUMMER! I know that they put 100s of new jobs mixed with all the newest tips and Secret Insider INTEL! But, I tell you THEY WERE ALL GONE! WHAT TO DO? HOLD IT CAMPERS! There is no need to despair! The answer is so simple. They have an easy to use 24/7 job board with even more postings than the daily books. Everything is hot linked and by clicking on search you will see all the jobs including the newest and badest Waitthat is not all. There is no need to ever be without the newest job book because they are all e-books and they are posted on an archival website where you can go back and re-read all the many tips and methods that will help us go back to work YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE EXCEPT UNEMPLOYMENT! 3. From the desk of Bithe U. Handoff Ph.D. Dr. Handoff is a world known expert in hunting down and sniffing out employment trends and clues in the Entry Level Job Market of 2014. According to statistical evidence supplied by the US Department of Labor, Back-to-School is the best opportunity to secure either full-time and/or part-time employment and that those hired during the back-to-school period have a three times greater chance of retaining a position after the holidays. The reality is of this lies in the transient nature of retail employment and the occupations summer demographics. Over the coming weeks, retail stores across the valley are set to lose a large percentage of their workers. Remember all those rude teenagers who ran the stores all summer long? Well, in the next couple of weeks they will be gone. Historydisappeared! They are all going back to school and most local stores will be empty of most sales associates and cashiers especially in the mornings and for most of the day. The Used Job Shack is going to run a special job book issue on Big Store Retail and Back-to-School. This will be a good reference tool to use because of the Used Job Shack Insider Columns for each store. The Insider is a collect of people who have already gone to the interview, been hired and have selected to share the experience with youakawhat questions were askedwhat you need to know for the interview and/or just the structure of the hiring decision. untie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v NOT REAL PROFESSOR 4. HIRING BACK-TO-SCHOOL PALOOZA PT 2 Dr. Handoff went on to say When you think about back-to-school you think of big and small retail stores (like we did in last weeks Back-to-School PT 1). If you start and end you thoughts there, you are really missing the dynamics of this labor market and this could cost you the opportunity to return to work. Dr. Handoff states that almost every service industry employer seeks out and recruits student labor. They do this because this segment of the labor market is known for accepting any type of labor conditions and is (even better) known for accepting even the lowest wage without the need of benefits. Furthermore, according to Dr. Handoffs research, here in the Arizona Labor Market, this hiring practice allows employers to generate maximum profits with only minimum exposures to labor lose. ========================================= From the desk of Yusuf Whatzcat Ph.D. Dr. Whatzcat is a well know labor market researcher who is most remembered for his 2012 study on economic non-viability of cats in the American Labor Market. Dr. What cats most recent survey of the local service economy shows that due to the industrys hiring paradigm, the labor shortage created by the yearly Back-to-School transition period, many seemingly unrelated segments of the retail economy fall victim to a critical labor shortage as the employers lose their short-term transitional employee base. 5. Across the board, from mid-July to mid-August, every segment of the retail economy faces the need to replace the students who are in the process of returning to school. Dr. Whatzcat concludes that this is the best window of opportunity for job seekers to enter the retail labor market. This is a short window of massive hiring events that have traditionally spun out of control to where you have respectable seniors battling other job seekers for a place in the long employment lines. Dr. Whatzcat offers the suggestion to start applying in the weeks before Back-to- School to avoid crowds. ============================================================ A HIRING PALOOZA MOST EVERYONE IS OVER-QUALIFIED MOST COMPANIES START HIRING AT 16 YEARS OLD MANY ENTRY-LEVEL RETAILS JOBS REQUIRE NO EXPERIENCE BUT DO REQUIRE GOOD PEOPLE SKILLS, PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE AND THAT HAVE AN INTEREST IN WHAT THE STORE SELLS. CASH HANDLING AND/OR GOOD MATH SKILLS ARE A PLUS ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A CASHIER. SPECIAL SKILLS THAT HELP YOU GET HIRED: AVAILABLE TO WORK MORNINGS AND/OR DAY SHIFTS they do not need you later in the day, in the evenings nor many times on the weekends as they have the teenagers and college kids to work those shifts. ALTHOUGH, PEOPLE WITH OPEN AVAILABILITY GET SELECTED FIRSTTRUE! 6. WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK THE BS FACTOR IN YOUR APPLICATION The best advice that I can give your applicants is to stay within 5 miles of their neighborhood (85008) in central the Phoenix/airport this is your search golden local zoneI love to hear that an applicant lives right down the streetmy ears perk up Talked to a retail manager of a big box store today and she educated me on the interview process. She told me that the FATAL You shot yourself in the foot mistake(s) that an applicant makes are FACTOR ONE: The BS Factor comes from applying for stores that are a long way from your home location. The BS is that the employer knows that it is BS that you will or that you can travel to their location on a daily basis without missing days or running late (especially if you are on a bus). 7. Within 5 miles, the bus is reliable transportation after that it is an excuse to being late or being absent. This manager tells me that this is so common with all of her stores; your application is not reviewed unless they are totally desperate. Her suggestion is that if you keep in the 5-10 mile range. The Manager told me, that she really likes to hear that I just live down the street as this tells her that you are more likely to be on time and that you will have the flexibility to stay late or come in on your day with short notice. She said that might not be fair but, that is the reality of the retail market. FACTOR TWO: (I never thought about this but, now it makes sense) the second biggest reason that she does not call people is because they applied for multiple openings at her store. According to her (and echoed by other managers) this is a real negative and usually means that she will not waste time with you. The impression that the applicant makes is that they are willing to do anything usually means that they are desperate for employment and that they are just applying for things whether or not they really qualifies for them. She says that this wastes her time trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up and as she is busy running the store to take that much time on any one candidate. Most importantly, she says that it shows her that you really do not have a specific interest or worse yet (if the application is a mess incomplete, rushed, and hard-to-read and/or lacks details or doesnt relate to the skills that she is looking for) you dont care. To her the application represents you at your best and she judges it as such. 8. Her suggestion is to read the job descriptions and determine which job is a perfect fit for your skills (you need to do this as she doesnt have the time or interest to do) and, then, apply for that job. She said that you must complete the application with an emphasis on the skills, abilities or experience that is requested in the ad. She said that this should be your base to build a case that she needs to call you in for an interview. The application must be neat and easy for her to read (sloppy applications are tossed as they take too much time to figure out). Remember, to her, this is your very best and sloppiness is a sign that you really didnt want this job. She told me that it is critical that you show her that you have the skills that she needs and that you need to show how your experience (outside of the specific job you applied for) related to the specific job you applied for. She said you need to show the connection. She said that is your job not hers as she has a job and she ended the thought by saying that she isnt Colombo! Put this all together and you have an application that will impress her enough to call you. If not, try again in six months as that is how long they keep them on file. 9. She also warned about putting in multiple applications with slightly different names as her companys computer will catch and flag them as bogus. If you application is flagged, then the system will delete it any further applications from you which means you wasted your time. On a final note, she told me that applications that look like the applicant took the time, made the effort to do correctly and that are to the point are the ones that she sits aside and takes a second, longer look at before she calls. Better have a good number where she can reach you at. She told me that this is her biggest complaint about applicants because a bad number or your failure to promptly return her call will cost you a job. Further to this point, she said that she assumes you really wanted the job or you wouldnt have applied and she cannot understand people whose voice mail is full or not. ============================================== WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP AND (MAYBE) WORK AT COSTCO! Not only does Jim Sinegal and Costcos Management Teamsay this but, they have put the corporate wealthintobeing a better employer and the loyalty that have establishwithpaying a living wage has made them a one of the most successful companies inthe world. night-special (FREE STUDY GUIDE HERE) 10. Costco Pays Employees Double What Other Companies Do Cesar Martinez, a 37-year-old fork lift operator, has worked at a Costco in North California for 19 years. He makes $22.82 an hour, gets health benefits and a pension plan. He manages to save, and doesn't worry about hospital bills for his daughter, who suffers from asthma. "That's the reason why I've been here for so long," he said. "The company gives you a decent wage and treats you with respect and takes care of you. That's why we all give 100%." Research shows that it pays to pay employees well, because satisfied workers are more productive and motivated, according to MIT Sloan School of Management professor Zeynep Ton, who focuses on operations management. "How many times have you gone to a store, and the shelves are empty or the checkout line is too long, or employees are rude?" she said. "At Costco, you see a huge line that disappears in minutes." The productivity translates into sales, she said. According to Ton's research, sales per employee at Costco were almost double those at Sam's Club, its direct warehouse competitor owned by Wal-Mart. 11. Costco CEO: RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE TO MORE THAN $10/HR. President Barack Obama wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour. And the CEO of one of America's largest retailers says such a move would be good for workers and businesses alike. In fact, he says raise it even more. On Tuesday, Costco CEO and President Craig Jelinek came out in support of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013, which aims to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, and then adjust it after that for inflation. "At Costco, we know that paying employees good wages makes good sense for business," Jelinek said in a statement. "We pay a starting hourly wage of $11.50 in all states where we do business, and we are still able to keep our overhead costs low." "An important reason for the success of Costcos business model is the attraction and retention of great employees," Jelinek added. "Instead of minimizing wages, we know it's a lot more profitable in the long term to minimize employee turnover and maximize employee productivity, commitment and loyalty. We support efforts to increase the federal minimum wage." Costco has a reputation for paying its employees above market rate, with the typical worker earning around $45,000 in 2011, according to Fortune. Walmart-owned Sam's Club, in contrast, pays its sales associates an average of $17,486 per year. =========================================================== Costco also provides health insurance to a significantly larger percentage of its workers than does Walmart, the Harvard Business Review reported in 2006. Jelinek's predecessor, Costco founder Jim Sinegal, has also expressed support for raising the federal minimum wage in the past. "The more people make, the better lives they're going to have and the better consumers they're going to be," Sinegal told 12. the Washington Post in 2007. "It's going to provide better jobs and better wages." Not all business leaders agree with Jelinek about the minimum wage. Subway CEO Fred Deluca, for one, told CNBC last week that raising the minimum wage is "a bad idea" that "will cause franchisees to raise prices." About three in four Americans support raising the minimum wage, according to a recent poll. Costco application online James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman opened the first Costco Warehouse in 1983. Located in Seattle Washington, the pair had come from a long line of wholesale and retail. Sinegal had worked in wholesale for both FedMart and Price Club, and while Brotman was a lawyer his family had been in retail for years. The company operates on a membership bases similar to that of Sams Club. Customers pay a yearly fee to shop there but get to take advantage of wholesale pricing. Today Costco is the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States with over 140,000 employees and 584 stores worldwide. They also have around 55 million members worldwide. JOB OPENINGS AT COSTCO: Because this is a warehouse setting there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to employment....