Grow Your Anointing, Grow Your Wealth

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A Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategies for it's members.


  • 1. The Newsletter of the JULY Volume 39, Number 1Page 1 of 4Grow Your Anointing,Grow Your WealthIf you grow yourself, you grow your wealth.Why?Because your growth happens in two ways.Imagine an ordinary plant.The plant always grows in two ways.The visible growth is the branches, twigs, leaves, and fruits.But beneath the visible growth is the invisible growththe networkof roots underneath the ground.And all that visible growth is totally dependent on the invisiblegrowth beneath the ground.In the same way, if you want to grow your outer wealth, you need togrow your inner wealth.So many people are so focused on their outer growth:They want their money to grow.They want their profits to rise.They want their business to expand.They want to get promoted.But they miss the point.If you want outer prosperity, you need to work on your inner prosperity.Today, I invite you to work on yourself.Specifically, I invite you to work on your anointing.And spontaneously, the money will follow.Let me tell you howGet Ready for Explosive GrowthI cant help but think of Light of Jesus, my spiritual family.Two years ago, we only had one Feast in Metro Manila.But this year, we have 16 Feasts. In a few months, we grew almost 20 times! Ive never seen anything likethat before.Not only that, but each of those 16 Feasts are growing.People ask me, Whats happening?In my mind, its very obvious.What you see now is visible growth.But for 30 years, God was growing our roots.

2. Today, were experiencing explosive growth. And let me give you afearless prophecy: Therell be a thousand Feasts all over the world. Just give ita few more years.Friend, you may be in a same situation.You may be wondering why all these years, nothing has been happeningto your life. To your career. To your business.But all this time, youve been faithful, doing whats right, developingyourself. Yet youre not seeing the results.Bo, Ive been praying hard. But I dont see any growth!Dont be discouraged.In the spiritual realm, God is working on your roots. Growth is happening on the inside. Once thepreparation is done, you too will see explosive growth in your life.Know Your AnointingIf you want to grow your wealth, you need to grow your anointing.Friend, God has given you a special anointing.Your anointing should be obvious.Your anointing is where you excel.Your anointing is where you win.Embrace Your AnointingIn the Bible, kings and prophets were anointed.Samuel was anointed.Saul was anointed.David was anointed.Isaiah was anointed.When a person is anointed, oil is poured on his head, oil being a symbolof the Spirit. When a person is anointed, he is empowered for a special talk.Friend, youre anointed.God has anointed you.You were born for greatness.Theres a great person within you.Theres a successful person waiting to manifest within you.You may not feel it, but He has anointed you.That means youve been empowered for a special task.This is how God wants you to bless the world.You know that. But you may not know this big fact: This is also howGod will prosper you.Some are anointed to do accounting.Some are anointed to do fashion.Some are anointed to manage companies.Some are anointed to plant farms.Some are anointed to care for the sick.Some are anointed to sing, or dance, or paint.I repeat: Youre anointed.This is how youll bless the world.And this is how God will prosper you too.Volume 39 Number 1 JULY 2011 Page 2 of 4 3. God Will Prosper You Through Your AnointingMy sister Beckie is a gifted administrator. Since Light of Jesusbegan 30 years ago, she has always been organizing our events.Because of her knack for details, friends also ask her to be theVolume 39 Number 1 JULY 2011 Page 3 of 4Events Coordinator for their weddings.Because she has this knack for detail, she writes everythingdown. Given a chance, shell write down how many times the bride andgroom should breathe. Bride, stand in back of the church. Inhale sixtimes. Once you hear the sixth note of the bridal march, take 38 steps tothe frontAnd when shes in charge, the wedding goes smoothly. Whenthe couple releases the dove, even the dove flies exactly towards thedirection Beckie tells him to.Not once did she charge for her wedding services.Even if many times, Beckie and I would talk about her finances.And discover that she was poor. As a single woman (yes, always the bridecoordinator, never the bride), I prayed that God bless her financially.But remember what I said in my last issue of Wealth Strategies?That Gods universe will find a way to reward you?Thats what happened to Beckie.Today, Beckie and her friend Vita run corporate and public seminars. Theyve been doing it for over 10years now and God is prospering them. God has used her event organizing skills to prosper her.Friend, what is your anointing?Be the best. One day, youll receive your rewards.You may be like my sister.Youre just using your anointing to serve others, but it seems prosperity isnt happening.Keep developing yourself. Keep growing your anointing. Keep your eyes open for Gods surprises. Anopportunity will open up. And youll see prosperity flow into your life like a river.Stay with Your AnointingIf youre starting out in business, never go out of your anointing.Malou opened a clothing store in a malland it was losing money. After a year of terrible sales, shewas closing it down.I asked Malou, Why did you open that store? Did you have any experience with a clothing store before?None, she sighed, My friends just encouraged me to go into it.So I asked, What was your job before?She said, I worked in the purchasing department of her company.Sourcing products? Talking to suppliers?Yes, she said.Were you any good?Yes. I was there for 16 years.Malou, let me give you my suggestion. Take it or leave it. I think this is your anointing. If you called upthese suppliers, would they still know you?Yes! Were magkumare and kumpare (godmothers and godfathers).Call up these suppliers. Invite them for lunch. Offer yourself as their freelance sales person. And then selltheir products to your old company. And sell to other similar companies. 4. As I spoke, she took down notes. Every time she looked up, I saw Malous eyes growing larger thanVolume 39 Number 1 JULY 2011 Page 4 of 4saucers. Finally, she exclaimed, Bo, I can do this!Of course you can. This is your anointing!Malous problem was that she got distracted from her anointing. Its a major reason why people arentsuccessful.Do you know what she was doing?Remember my plant analogy? Her roots were on one pot. But she was trying to grow the plant on anotherpot.Thats insane.Grow where your roots are.Im not saying you cant try something new. Later on, I believe you should. But grow your anointing first.May your dreams come true,Bo SanchezP.S. In the next issue of WealthStrategies, Ill talk more about how to grow your anointing.