How to achieve work life balance

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This is a guide on how to achieve work life balance inspired by Nigel Marsh who gave a brilliant TEDx speech. Here's the original link: After several jobs and internships I came to undertand what work-life-balance really means and how to achieve it. I was Nigel's speech that confirmed my understanding of the underlying issue. Please watch his presentation to see more.

Text of How to achieve work life balance

  • How to achieve a Guide inspired by Nigel Marsh Work Life Balance
  • are fundamentally incompatible with Certain job and career choices on a day-to-day basis with a young family being meaningfully engaged " "Nigel Marsh
  • Thousands of people work long hard hours
  • at jobs they don't like
  • to enable them to buy things they don't need
  • to impress people they don't like
  • Do you really want this?
  • you should know what you get into when you accept a job offer
  • If you don't design your life, someone else will do it for you
  • And you may just not like their idea of balance
  • BUT
  • before you start
  • you need to UNDERSTAND
  • There are sides 3
  • Emotional Intellectual Spiritual
  • Emotional Intellectual Spiritual
  • Emotional Intellectual Spiritual
  • just hitting the gym doesn't make you more balanced
  • it just makes you FITTER
  • THE KEY is to attend
  • all parties at 3 once
  • so...
  • here's my take on how to balance work & life
  • with your loved ones spend quality time
  • regularly! exercise,
  • and get different experiences travel to learn languages
  • new people meet
  • just for yourself but take your breaks
  • you gotta treat yourself every once in a while
  • adopt a healty diet and don't forget to
  • to expand your horizon get some books
  • you can share your life with find someone
  • but don't forget
  • there's no need
  • for radical change
  • it is the little things that matter the most
  • with the slightest investments
  • in the right places
  • you can make a
  • huge difference