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Date: Apr 02 nd 2015 Presenter: Alison Ainsworth Powered by: Global USS RESUME WORKSHOP presents

How to create an effective resume!

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  1. 1. Date: Apr 02nd 2015 Presenter: Alison Ainsworth Powered by: Global USS RESUME WORKSHOP presents
  2. 2. Agenda Purpose of a Resume Parts of a resume Overall Content Style Format and Layout Digital and Social media Types of Resume Cover Letters Reference List
  3. 3. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam An Effective Resume Is... Your foot in the door... A powerful way of making the first impression Highlight of your professional journey Showcase for your achievements A subtle way to influence the tone and direction of the interview!!
  4. 4. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Before Starting the Resume Know what you want... Define the target job and write a resume that will address the key requirements of that job Research the job especially if you are looking to transition into a different field. Find out the experience, skill-sets and the knowledge required to do the target job Highlight your strengths and abilities that make you a good fit Isolate the job-activities that specifically match the requirements of the new job List your training and education related to the new job
  5. 5. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Parts Of A Resume: Summary Statement Strongest argument to hire you Market your personal brand Value you bring to your new company Entice reader to read on
  6. 6. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Parts Of A Resume: Accomplishments Utilizing PAR statement is the most effective way to showcase your achievements and contributions Exercise
  7. 7. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Parts Of A Resume: Cont. Employment History Company names, years employed and job titles Responsibilities Statement Do not create a laundry list of all your day-to-day activities Summarize relevant information from your job description Education, Professional Development &Training Reverse chronological order Include date only if graduated in last 5 years
  8. 8. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Overall Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for Highlight relevant skills and job-activity Keep your target market in mind If I am the interviewer, would I hire this person? Proofread for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar Have someone else proofread Start with a first draft Expect to make several revisions
  9. 9. Content: The Dos and Donts The DOs The DONTs Describe specific responsibilities Highlight accomplishments Use positive language to show results Support all activities and accomplishments with specific results and benefits Focus on past 10 years for relevant experience Do not list references Do not leave gaps Do not include personal information Do not include a photo Do not exaggerate or misrepresent
  10. 10. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Incorporating Digital & Social Media Include LinkedIn personalized link on the Heading along with name,Telephone number and email address. Include your twitter handles, website address and blog-spot Link your accomplishments to online presentations Use slide-share of personal presentation and proprietary work Use website or cloud-share links for work/presentation you created as your corporate or organizational responsibility
  11. 11. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Style Avoid using I Use present tense for current job, past tense for previous positions Write out all numbers up to including nine Use a direct, active writing style Use short phrases rather than complete sentences If you can say something in three words, do not use 10 Keep paragraphs under six lines Do not use abbreviations Capital letters, dashes, underlines or bold Use judiciously or they lose their effect
  12. 12. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Format and Layout Keep resume to no more than 2 pages Include name and page number on second page Make resume visually appealing, easy to read and scan Make sure key selling points appear on first page Select phrases that support your main message Ensure that a sentence on first page does not run on to second Devote more space to recent jobs Reverse chronological order most recent position first
  13. 13. Types of Resume Chronological Functional Designed to show the qualifications of the job seeker, with less emphasis on specific employers and dates Helpful when you want to emphasize transferable skills/abilities When entering job market after absence Frequent change of employers Most frequently used and accepted resume format Lists work experience with date in reverse chronological order Helpful when your objective is very similar to your experience Used when the work history is progressive with accountable timelines
  14. 14. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Cover Letters Explain why you are writing in a way that can get their attention. Display your knowledge of the company. Grab Their Interest Sell Yourself Answer the question: Why you should be hired? Highlight your qualifications & accomplishments relevant to the job. Close The Deal Take the initiative, request action, ask for an interview, suggest a time to meet and/or when you will call to follow up. Keep It Brief & Concise
  15. 15. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam Reference List Same format as resume; same heading Name, title, phone number and email People whom you have worked for, colleagues with whom you have worked People who you have worked with (or who have worked for you) Your relationship to your references Ask references permission to use their names Send copy of resume, and advise when a company will be calling and the nature of the role
  16. 16. Presentation by Monali Supramanyam About The Presenter Alison Ainsworth Alison started in Human Resources with KPMG Consulting (later becoming BearingPoint) During her 17 years with the company her versatility proved to be a great asset as she excelled in a broad spectrum of positions. Building on her experience in outsourcing HR services, Alison then took on subsequent roles with KPMG and TELUS in managing internal HR Service Delivery teams providing in-house HR support, and providing outsourced HR services to multi-union health care clients. Alisons 20+ year career as an accomplished senior human resources leader has included a full range of functional and operational experience. Her experience in managing people, processes and projects within a professional service firm, included U.S. and global assignments. This broad based background offered a natural transferable skill set that led Alison into a career as a Transition Consultant. Her passion and experience in coaching, mentoring and assisting others to identify and reach their true potential is now shifting to the assistance in finding a fit towards the right career transition choice. Alisons strengths lie in building effective positive relationships, both across the organization and within her team, in coaching on employment direction, facilitating, training and management. With her many years of diverse experiences and having been through Career Transition herself, Alison can provide both insight and empathy to those who may need her.
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