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  1. 1. ndia hosts the world T20 six edition. In this tournament sixteen teams are participated and eight teams will be qualified with ranking and other eight teams qualified throw playing qualifying round. With this qualifying round two teams is qualified for next round (TOP TEN ROUND). This is a huge and very popular tournament of cricket in the world. This tournament hosting will decide international cricket council headquarter. In this tournament Pakistan cricket team have some security problem from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Indian political party. This is a genuine reason because Indians gave terrorism threats to Pakistan cricket team. They are speaking hate speech against Pakistan cricket team. Then Pakistan governmentand Pakistan cricket board (PCB) took a decision for not send Pakistanicricket team in world t20 cup. After some statement of PakistanigovtIndian governmenttook a step againstsecurity reasons and change Pakistan vs India match from dram Shala to Kolkata. In all the tournamentPakistanVsIndiamatch is veryimportant. TheIndiaPakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. An India - Pakistan cricket match has been estimated to attract up to one billion viewers, according to TV ratings firms and various other reports. This match looks like a war between two countries. Players in both teams routinely face intense pressure to win, and are threatened by extreme reactions in defeat. Extreme fan reactions to defeats in key matches such as in the ICCCricket World t20 have been recorded, with a limited degree of violence and public disturbances. At the same time, India - Pakistan cricket matches have also offered opportunities for cricket diplomacy as a means to improve relations between the two countries. I Submitted to:Maam Rubina Azhar Submitted by : Tayyab Husnain ( L1F15BSMC0076)