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Do you want to stand out among your peers, get noticed, and land the interview? A resume should not list your daily responsibilities for each career you held, rather your quantifiable achievements. So, what are quantifiable achievements/accomplishments? This means being able to apply numbers to what you actually do for your place of employment.

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Contributed by: Tracy L. LubeHow to Quantify Your Resume AccomplishmentsDo you want to stand out among your peers, get noticed, and land the interview?

CONTENTSIntroductionIdentifying Your AccomplishmentsExample IdentificationHigh Impact StatementQualitative AccomplishmentsWrap UpSummaryAdditional Helpful LinksHire Our HeroesMake A Difference

A resume should not list your daily responsibilities for each career you held, rather your quantifiable achievements. So, what are quantifiable achievements/accomplishments? This means being able to apply numbers to what you actually do for your place of employment.Quantifiable ExamplesPercentageRevenue/savingsTimeNumber of sales, customers, projects, products, incoming calls handled, etc.Performance driven and measurable1. Introduction

Set aside ample time to sit down, brainstorm, and write out your accomplishments, crafting the all encompassing resume is work and takes commitment.An easy way to do that is to make a list of the job requirements on the left side of the page. Then make a list of your qualifications on the right side of the page. Match your qualifications to the requirements and include the most relevant to the particular job posting you want to apply to.IMPORTANT: You must tailor your accomplishments to the position being applied for. This means showing how your achievements match directly to the requirements and job description of the job you're seeking. Companies today are looking for the perfect fit.

2. Identifying Your Accomplishments

The example is one of my accomplishments from when I was an educator. Start by thinking about what your job title means and what it is you go to work to achieve everyday. What is it all about? As a teacher I thought about developing student excellence by innovative means to capture their attention and have students learn not memorize, additionally making a positive difference in their lives.Next step is to list the areas within your job, that accomplishments can be achieved. These can be developed from the job responsibilities list you created. My areas of focus would include; curriculum and instruction program development, web-based programs and teaching tools, committee boards, student activities, annual classroom budget and resources, training and development of other staff, client relationships, career development, and measurement of student performance. There are many more that can be evaluated as a teacher, but this gives you the point.I then wrote down accomplishments from these focus areas and what I was involved in through out my teaching career. Think about situations and projects that gave your career meaning. Ask questions like the following:How did you efficiently manage others?In what decision making or planning did you participate?What problems did you identify and solve?What new program, product or system did you introduce?How did you save the company money or time? How much?Once you have completed this list then identify what you think are your top 5 accomplishments and do some brainstorming about them. Follow up with developing high impact statements.3. Example Identification

High Impact statements identify specific skills, traits, or values that strengthen your resume and begin with a powerful verb specifically related to the result.Brainstorming AccomplishmentMy Situation: I was being deployed overseas for several months and my class was going to be closed because of the short notice and inability to find a licensed teacher for my class in order for the students to achieve the 18 credits for the year. I could not let my students lose credit for an entire year, this would hold them back a year from graduating.My Action: Here was a great opportunity to be innovative, provide a first ever for high school students at this time, and build a web-based program. I used moodle open source software and built a full course curriculum online in 2 weeks to be approved by the Board of Education and would utilize Skype once a week to check in live with each class.My Results: All students earned credit, the online course worked without technical issues, and while deployed because I was teaching and achieving my military objectives that resulted in successful missions, I was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal.3. Example Identification

High-Impact Resume Accomplishment StatementSpearheaded, designed, and launched a successful online teaching module for the graphics curriculum, engaging students and enhancing learning while deployed to a remote location on active duty.Quantify the High-Impact Accomplishment StatementSpearheaded, designed, and launched a successful online teaching module for the 9-12 grade graphics curriculum course, engaging 62 students and enhancing learning by 30%, while deployed four months on active duty.The end result is a high impact, quantified accomplishment that demonstrates what you did, how you did it, and what the results were.At the end of this article I have included some helpful links, one with a worksheet to help in identifying quantifying accomplishments.4. High Impact Statement

Dont forget the qualitative accomplishments either. Qualitative situations may include:Intense competition,Working under pressures,Difficult work conditions,Taking on additional responsibilities,Initiative-based,Action-backed,Goal-oriented, etc.,

Demonstrate how you were successful in these situations. Asking some questions will help you uncover those accomplishments. Example questions may be; what made you great at your job? What did you accomplish in this job that someone else might not have? Did you make any improvements?5. Qualitative Statements

How Do You Stack Up Against The CompetitionCompeting in todays job market is challenging and demands you to stand out from the rest. Demonstrating why and how you are the stand out will land you an interview. Start by quantifying your accomplishments to show, rather than tell!If you find yourself having a hard time quantifying an accomplishment, just remember to ask How Many, How Much, How Often, and How. Once you have quantified your top accomplishments, review your statements and make sure they show how you achieved them.For example: Analyzed and improved an automated Aircraft Tracking Program through identifying process fault trends within one weeks time, increasing mission success rates by 35%.What I did: Analyzed & improved an automated aircraft tracking program.How: By identifying fault trendsQuantified: 1 weeks time and by 35%Result: Improved the tracking program and helped increase mission success rates.6. Wrap Up

Ask questionsIdentify accomplishmentsBrainstorm those accomplishments identifiedCreate high-impact statements from your brainstorming statementsQuantify your statementsQualify the accomplishmentsWhen lacking quantifiable accomplishments reinforce with qualitativeReview and proofreadIf you enjoyed the post, please click share and the thumbs up icon above and let me know!7. Summary

8. Helpful LinksExcellent Quantifying Worksheet by Write Content Solutions

A few good Dos & Donts courtesy of the Robert Half Company

Great resource for additional examples of Quantifiable Accomplishments and a complete list of the 10 Resume Writing Commandments

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