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  • 1. KAITLIN HARTZ CAREER PORTFOLIO Northwood Universtiy Career Development Professor Luzar 10.27.2013
  • 2. Table of Contents Personal Mission Statement and Elevator SpeechSlide 3 Courses taken Slide 4 Transcript Slide 5 Resume Slide 6 References Slide 7 Awards/Accomplishments/Volunteer History Slide 8 1, 2 and 5 year goals Slide 9 Work Samples Real Estate Analysis Semester Project Sample Slide 10 Cost Accounting Job Costing Spreadsheet Slide 11 Skills List Slide 12
  • 3. Personal Mission Statement To live each day with ambition, creativity, and excellence so that I can achieve my goals in both my career and my personal life. I will do this by staying focused on my daily and future tasks and completing them to the best of my ability. Elevator Speech Hi, Im Kaitlin, a student at Northwood University, and a co-op at Dow Corning for the past two years. Next summer Ill be interning with Dow Cornings finance department.
  • 4. Sample of Courses Taken Intermediate Accounting I & II Federal Taxation of Business Entities Managerial Cost Accounting Financial Institutions & Simulation Real Estate Finance & Analysis Statistics I & II Business Law (for accounting majors) Capital Markets & Analysis
  • 5. Transcript
  • 6. Resume
  • 7. Reference List Jeff Hempfling Americas direct procurement manager 989-xxx-xxxx Denise Adamczyk Medical Assistant 989-xxx-xxxx Tina Rogers Bangor Township Schools Payroll Administrator 989-xxx-xxxx
  • 8. Awards/Accomplishments Volunteer History
  • 9. Goals 1 Year Goals: Increase/Maintain GPA in my classes Complete internship at Dow Corning Get hired in full time after Internship 2 Year Goals: Graduate from Northwood with 2 BBAs in Accounting and Finance Begin working full time Get married 5 Year Goals: Have earned at least one promotion Buy a house Have earned CPA
  • 10. Real Estate Analysis Semester Project Sample
  • 11. Cost Accounting Job Costing
  • 12. Skills List SAP Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint Self-Motivated Attention to Detail Statistical Analysis Problem Solving Teamwork Organization & Record-keeping Values in Ethics Flexibility Communication Internal and external Email, phone & in person This portfolio is the original work of Kaitlin Hartz and cannot be copied without permission