Keys To Creating A Powerful Job Search LinkedIn Profile

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  1. 1. Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile for your Job Search
  2. 2. Your LinkedIn Profile
  3. 3. Complete Work History
    No Gaps
    Years of Employment
    Specifics and Quantification
    Dont Make Them Guess Its Not a Puzzle
  4. 4. Your Success
  5. 5. Off-line Groups
    Networking Groups
    Trade/Business/Functional Groups
    Non-profit/Civic Groups
  6. 6. Recommendations
    Who thinks your great?
    Have them write a recommendation
    Former Bosses
    Former Co-Workers
    Former Subordinates
    Individuals from non-profits/civic groups
  7. 7. Ease of Connectivity
    Why Hide your Contact Information?
    Should be easy to connect with you?
    Whats the fear/risk?
    There is no downside
  8. 8. On-Line LinkedIn Groups
    50 Group Limit
    Groups by Job Function
    Groups by Geography
    Groups by Personal Interests
    Groups by Personal Development
    Groups by Job Level
    Groups by Industry/Trade
    Groups of Alumni
  9. 9. Status Updates/Activity
    Become visible through activity
    Status Updates every 24/48 hours
    Be active in Q&A
    Be active in Groups
  10. 10. Other Tools and Widgets
    SlideShare Presentations
    Links to Blogs
    Twitter Feed
    Reading Lists
  11. 11. Objectives
  12. 12. Whats Your Next Step?Reading Job Ads ORTaking Action in Your Job Search
  13. 13. FREE LinkedIn Assessment
  14. 14.
  15. 15. The most powerful Job Search Workbook Youll Ever Own
  16. 16. Our Job Search Home Study Kit
  17. 17. FREE Radio Broadcast on Improving yourLinkedIn Profile
  18. 18. What Are You Going to do to Stand out on LinkedIn?