Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Yourself Noticed (1/2013)

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LinkedIn is underutilized. It's an amazingly powerful tool for professional networking. Once you master it, the right kinds of opportunities manifest much more readily. In this slide deck I cover what LinkedIn is, the essentials of the professional Profile, and how to tweak your account settings to restrict who can see what. I then focus on how to get yourself noticed. I conclude with several real-world scenarios -- specific to the audience I spend my days helping, namely technical content developers (tech writers, editors, trainers, and marcom writers) -- detailing how to use LinkedIn for best effect in different contexts. Note that this presentation is supplemented by ~15 short articles and screenshots, available separately (and for free) from Andrew Davis at andrewd@contentrules.com.

Text of Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Yourself Noticed (1/2013)

  • 1. Leveraging LinkedInTo Get YourselfNoticed 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.

2. Context Content Rules is an 18 year old content development consultancy Im the teams recruiter, matching clients opportunities with talent Content developers = technical writers, trainers, instructional designers, marcom pros, editors. And project managers, occasionally. Our jobs are posted at www.contentrules.com/jobs Were motivated by credibility, seek to be our clients one-stop content shop LinkedIn is complex and evolves quickly My comments focus on its potential for professionals seeking work Your questions are welcome 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 3. troductionI.OrientationII.Profile essentialsIII.Account settingsIV.Getting yourself noticedV.Scenarios 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 4. OverviewI. Orientation The profiles new look, accessing basic features, extending LinkedInI. Profile essentials Whats a complete profile, and how to make it work for youI. Account settings Controlling who sees what and why, and how often you receive emailsI. Getting yourself noticed Using the Groups, Answers, and Jobs featuresI. Scenarios When to use which features 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 5. What is LinkedIn? 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 6. Linked isYour profile with sections for background, professional experience,recommendations, (endorsable) skills and expertise, interests, education,publications, organizational affiliations, honors and awards.Connections with invitations, categorization, direct messaging,searchability by company, industry, location.Groups with sub-groups, polls, discussions, new groups.Companies with LinkedIn TODAY (customizable news feed)Jobs fully integrated with your ConnectionsAnswers a dynamic knowledgebase and a good way to connectApplications box.net, WordPress, SlideShare, Events, GitHub, Amazon 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 7. What LinkedIn Isnt? LinkedIn is not a social network like Facebook or TwitterContent is typically career-focusedUsers are circumspect and held much more accountableCredibility is key, and the entertainment factor is low LinkedIn is better organized, more searchable, and its content is deeper LinkedIn is more professional and trusted LinkedIn isnt a niche player like BranchOut, Viadeo, and XINGIn fact, its the first site most hiring managers and recruiters visit 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 8. I. Getting Oriented our interface has changedLinkedIn has recently rolled out a new interface for its Profiles The major sections are still the Summary (picture, title, education, location, industry), Activity, Background, Experience, Skills & Expertise, and EducationThe picture is bigger, contact information has been moved, and there arenew sections on the right-hand column for: People similar to the current LinkedIn user Graphical view of How youre connected Configurable view of users network (company, school, location, industry) View of what you have in common (w/ same categories) 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 9. Getting Oriented (2) If you view your own profile (from View Profile in the main menu bar),you now get:A visual representation of how complete (strong) your profile isCues about whos viewed your profile, so you can follow up with anywho might seek further informationVisual cues about people you may want to connect with (People youmay know) 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 10. II. Profile Essentials PictureInclude one, or at least an avatar image. Men, a side-on image whereyoure not leaning on your hand works best.Be authentic and make an emotional connectionProfiles with pictures get at least 50% more views Summary sectionHighlight your passions, (career-related) interests, and personality;cultural fit is at least as important to the best employers as an appropriateskill set 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 11. Profile Essentials (2) Contact sectionSupply as much contact info as appropriate, bearing in mind only your1st and 2nd degree connections will see itSpecify the URL of your resume, portfolio, blog, Twitter account, etc.Hint: without helpful info here, youre a lot harder to take seriouslyCustomize your LinkedIn URL, and adjust whats shown to the public 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 12. Profile Essentials (3) Experience sectionHighlight specific actions you took and the impact they achievedDo not merely catalog your responsibilitiesBe sure to use conforming Company names, to improve searchability Skills & Expertise sectionLinkedIn displays your claimed skills/expertise to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-level connections, but only gives your 1st-level connections the chance toendorse you. List up to 50 that will resonate with them.If youre not getting endorsements for specific skills, request suchfrom those who know you well, or change them to those your connectionsknow 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.Hint: you can endorse someone for 5 claimed skills by clicking on their 13. Profile Essentials (4) Recommendations sectionRecommendations boost your People search ranking dramaticallySolicit detailed, authentic-sounding input, and dont hesitate to requestrevisions (especially if the recommendation is bland, or has typos).Ensure the recommender doesnt merely catalog your responsibilitiesThe more, the merrier and you control which recommendationsdisplay Contact [user] For sectionIf youre not looking for work, uncheck job inquiries and consultingoffers 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 14. Profile Essentials (5) A complete LinkedIn profile includes:your current job and two previous jobsyour educational backgrounda profile summaryprofile pictureyour specialties (Experience)at least 3 recommendations 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 15. Profile Essentials (6) SEO considerationsLinkedIn ranks People search results using these fields: Professional Headline Titles Summary and Experience IndustriesTo appear closer to the top, be ASAP (as specific as possible) in the first3 fields, and use popular search terms (especially for titles): Information Engineer Technical Writer Web Copy Creator Marketing Writer Structured Content Consultant XML/DITA Expert 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 16. Profile Essentials (7) SEO considerations Search Engine Optimize your profile using Advanced People Search:1. Complete the Title and Location-related fields (e.g., Technical Writer, within 50 miles of 95051)2. Enter one or more relevant Keywords (e.g., FrameMaker, XML, Agile, networking)3. Review first ~20 returned profiles for search term matches4. Revise your profiles Headline, Title, Summary, and Experience sections, adding likely search terms (in context) to improve ranking5. Iterate until satisfied For clues to marketable search terms, explore: Viewers of this profile also viewed section (on right column) 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. Keywords used by competing candidates 17. III. Account SettingsAdjust privacy and related settings from Settings (dropdown from yourname, top right corner)Add your other email addresses 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 18. Account Settings (2) showing off on LinkedIn If you have a paid account and are looking for work, tweak yourOpenLink and/or premium badge settingsOpenLink members can receive connection requests from anyone;members outside your network can thus join it more easily. 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 19. Account Settings (3) controlling who knows yourelooking If you want to be more visible, turn on activity broadcasts No, you cant selectively hide these broadcasts from specific people 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 20. Account Settings (4) good fences make good neighborsIf you have connections you dont want to find out about each other (atleast through you), tweak Select who can see your connections No, you cant selectively hide your connections from specific people 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 21. Account Settings (5) Who else did this viewer see?Display Viewers of this profile also viewed while youre SEOing yourprofile, so you can see the context in which your profile appears. After that, its optional and it can hurt your chances of getting contacted, especially if the viewer gets distracted by another profile. 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 22. Account Settings (6) the 3 most crucial fields Tweak your profiles Headline, Location, and Industry to orient viewers. Re Location, go regional rather than local to cast the widest net. 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 23. Account Settings (7) limit what the world sees Tweak your public profile to constrain what displays outside LinkedIn. 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 24. Account Settings (8) Buried in Emails? Adjust who can send you email and under what pretenses. 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 25. Account Settings (9) Email frequency Adjust how often youll receive LinkedIn-related email 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 26. Account Settings (10) Frequency of Group-relatedEmails Adjust how often youll receive LinkedIn Group-related email 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved. 27. IV. Getting Yourself Noticed Build your network by soliciting LinkedIn connections and introductions Join and participate in relevant LinkedIn GroupsTo connect with knowledgeable contributors, use More/Reply privately Follow Companies in your target industry Contribute to LinkedIn Answers topics on which youre knowledgeable Watch (and respond to) job postings from target employersHint: Job postings can originate anywhere; you can still use LinkedIn tofind current or past employees who can help you steer your resume Share relevant status updates