Linkedin Profiles For Culinary Graduate Students

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Linkedin Profiles For Culinary School Graduates

Lets face it everyone loves to eat

Dining establishments employ many cooks and chefs

Culinary School Graduates With Skill Are Often In Demand

Those with know- how can put together a menu that defines an establishment

Graduates can make themselves known to employers

How? You May Ask

Your Linkedin Profile

Post ContentVideo DemosProvide PhotosAdd Media

Make your profile a visual experience showing your work in addition to pertinent career information

Make it your portfolio

Your career portfolio telling not just what you can do but what you create

Make mouths water on Linkedin!

Your Profileis more than an online resume


Its Your BEST FOOD Showcased!

Provide content on the food you make, how you make it and information on your industry. Linkedin is your tool to branding yourself in the culinary world!