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Free Tips for your Recruiters & Agency


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1. It all starts with your profile.


Your personal professional brand:

Add a picture

Write a personal tagline

Write your elevator pitch

Point out your skills

Ask for recommendations

Own your public profiles URL

2. Leverage your recruiters profiles too


Use the Summary section like an elevator pitch for any would-be-candidate. Use this section to give potential candidates an idea of what its like to work with your recruiters and the expertise at your company. Xuan even actively solicits inquiries about working for LinkedIn and includes her email address. And finally, she takes advantage of the applications you can add to your LinkedIn profile. Youll see that shes incorporated LinkedIns corporate blog via our WordPress app. Weve seen other recruiters embed presentations, polls, Twitter feeds, and sponsored events to provide more color around what its like to work at their companies.

3. Utilize Groups

Join many

Participate in a few

Run one


Mining & Oil

Eng & Tech Pros Design

1Million +

Join many. There are more than 1,000,000 groups on LinkedIn. Join recruiting groups to stay up to speed on your job, or join groups that are relevant to your key talent poolswhether theyre focused on industry, role or function. Participate in a few. Get involved in a few select groups to brand yourself as an expert. Again, its all about building your personal brand as a recruiter. Dont just post an open job or plug for your company here or therewhen you participate, make sure it counts. Run one. Weve seen our customers create groups about their companies, their industries, functional areas or niches in which theyre particularly strongand they use these groups for employment branding, pipeline building, and even sourcing.

4. Follow companies

Follow companies in the industries that you work closely with, or companies that youre trying to build a relationship with, to get the inside track on their hiring trends. Youll get updates on those companies new hires, new job opportunities, promotions or job changes within the company, and departures from the companyand youll be able to see whos hiring actively, whos losing talent, and where their talent is coming from or going to.

5. Update your Company Page


Your companys brand:

Add a logo and banner image

Fill in the details

Company description

Point out Company Specialties

Differentiate from your competition

Designate Page Admins for company

status updates

6. Share Content - Company & Personal Status Updates


Where do I find content? LinkedIn Today!


50 characters or less drives 28% higher engagement

Less is


Best Practices

Think in thirds Jobs, Industry, Career Advice

Keep it brief

Ask questions

Time your posts

Post frequently

Make it relevant

7. Add a Follow Us Company button on your own site

Download at

8. Add an apply with LinkedIn button on your own site

Download at

Build a community: Engage, analyze,


Analyze & Optimize

Engage Followers: Post Updates

Build community: Acquire Followers

Establish presence: Develop branding assets



Ed Franklin

Grow Your Career by Following:


Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO

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Grow Your Career by Following:


Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO

Jobs, News & more!