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Maddison Group. Providing Contractor Services for over a Decade.

Maddison Group - An Introduction

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Maddison Group is a market leading umbrella and payroll solutions company. Since 2002 we've been maximising contractor and agency income via our compliant schemes which include, CIS, Umbrella, Umbrella for Education Professionals and Maddison Solo. To date we have worked with over 350 UK agencies and have payrolled tens of thousands of contractors through our schemes which cover a wide variety of industries and sectors. If you are interested in earning more every week, or are an agency who want help to boost profits whilst reducing admin and payroll responsibilities call us today on 0870 043 3797

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  • 1. Maddison Group.Providing Contractor Services for over a Decade.

2. Why chooseMaddison?Maddison has over a decade of experienceproviding payroll solutions to recruitmentagencies and agency workers alike. Over theyears our name has become synonymouswith providing effective payroll solutions with apersonal one-to-one service.This can only be achieved by the wealth of knowledge andexpertise of our staff, and our overarching desire to providean exceptional service. Our products cover the breadthof contracting requirements and cater for all industriesand sectors.We provide a personal one to one service. From yourinitial enquiry, you will be assigned an Account Managerwho will create your perfect payroll solution. Our AccountManagement team has extensive experience and has workedwith agencies of all sizes and sectors, to create solutionsthat work.Service is personal, flexible and reliable. We are able tooffer guidance and assistance right down to the very finestdetail. Whether you have 1 or 1000 temporary workers ourknowledgeable staff will take care of everything for you.Your payroll partnership for life begins today.Gary RedmanGary RedmanManaging Director 3. PayrollMonday.The agency informsMaddison of the contractorshours and pay rate, relatingProcess...to work completed theprevious week.Once received Maddisonprocess the information andinvoice the agency.The contractors completeAs soon as our partnership is agreed, and submit their expenseforms, detailing all expensesMaddison will work with you to manage thethey have incurred in thepayroll process. Your Account Manager will visitperformance of their duties.your office to guide you through the processThe deadline for expensesubmissions is 5pm Tuesday.and issue registration packs. At this point theAccount Manager is on hand to provide adviceand guidance to all parties involved. Tuesday. Maddison check,validate and finalisepay for each contractor.As soon as all registration packs have been completed,the Account Manager collects and delivers them to ourWednesday. The payroll is run. As soonas payroll is complete,Customer Support Team who create profiles for eachcontractors receive an SMScontractor and check details for taxation compliance. confirmation of their net payand their payslip is emailedto them.Processing your contractors pay.We work to strict deadlines to ensure total accuracyand efficiency of process. Thursday.Maddison receives fundsfrom the agency, paying forthe invoices issued earlierin the week. Our CustomerA guide Support Team is on hand toprovide advice and resolveAt any stage throughout the process,any pay queries.if you have any questions or queries, Friday.no matter how small, were here to help.Contractors receive fundsinto their nominatedbank account. 4. How can we makeyour life better?Working with Maddison will make a realimpact on your competitive edge, yourcost-effectiveness and productivity. Wereduce risk and save you time and money. Were responsible for payroll and all statutoryEmployment and taxation legislation isever-changing and impacts on how a business deductions. Removing the need to administeroperates. We maintain and enhance our position these obligations, enables you to invest more timeby working closely with HMRC to ensure that our doing what you do best - winning new businessservice is fully compliant. and retaining existing clients.Were independently audited and ensure that Our contractor fees range from 0.01p to 23.00, Managed Service Legislation (MSC) is never per week. We phase all our fees in line with an issue. the workers income and to reflect the savingsAll of our payment products are AWR compliant. created. We introduced this measure to ensure that your contractors are charged fairly for their For our Umbrella, CIS and Solo products, hard work. theres no cost to you as an agency. We takea fee, from each contractors payment received We have several bi-lingual payroll professionalsfrom the agency. working in our team to assist our clients who have a high-proportion of contractors from EU memberWeve invested heavily in our IT infrastructure states. This ensures that our communication is and as a result our input / output performance fluid and understood by all parties. The decisionachieves a 99% rate of accuracy. to support our clients by matching their needs has We operate stringent ID verification processes to streamlined communication, contributing to our minimise fraud. payroll accuracy, and enhancing our client and contractor relationships.Every contractor who registers with us is set-upon our database the same day. If the contractor We provide a 5m insurance package to mitigate has not supplied information required for legal the statutory risk to you and your clients.compliance their pay cannot be processed. Thismethod ensures that all parties are protected. 5. Fees.Maddison has always believed that thebenefits created by using our productsshould be shared amongst the partiesinvolved.Our worker fee scales and charges have beenstructured to ensure that the worker is an importantbeneficiary of savings.To ensure this our fees are: Graduated in line with the workers contract income Are inclusive of employment risk insurances (ELI / PLI)We go the extra mile toenhance relationships... Are capped We never charge when a worker takes a holiday (subject to that weeks payment being purely holiday pay) Our objective is to provide a service which For PAYE based products our fees are graduated is in tune with your needs and exceeds your in line with tax bandings we acknowledge that if expectations. To enable us to continually the workers income is below the tax threshold there is no benefit to them for using our service so ourimprove and enhance our working relationship, fee is 0.01pwe perform the following:Monthly service reportsQuarterly (or at specified intervals) one-to-oneservice reviews with Account ManagerContractors are surveyed regularly and invited toprovide feedback 6. Productsavailable to you.We have three products, Umbrella, CIS, andSolo, to meet every contracting situation, froma Site Manager working in the ConstructionIndustry, to a HGV Driver working night-shifts, toan Industrial Warehouse worker earning NMW.No matter what size your agency is; small, medium or large;our products will enhance your competitive edge, increasecost-effectiveness, productivity and create savings.We firmly believe in creating long-lasting partnerships.With over 10 years experience our clients trust in ourprocesses and ability to service their needs. We regularlyseek advice from legal and financial bodies to ensure thatour products are HMRC compliant and up to date with thelatest legislation.We are regularly audited to ensure our processes meet themost stringent of requirements, and are HMRC compliant.Furthermore, we provide a 5m insurance package tomitigate the statutory risk to you and your clients.Key points of the individual products are detailed on thefollowing pages and will help you determine which product isbest for your agency and your contractors. Dont Panic! Our team are always available to help identify the bestWhichever products your contractors utilise, our payroll payment model for your workers.working week remains the same. 7. We provide, facilitate and monitor thefollowing as standard: Universal Agency Benefits - All ProductsConstruction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions One-to-one service at all timesVerification, eligibility to work checks and self-Employers NI savings (on PAYE based products)employment checksIncrease workers take-home payService Level Agreements (SLA)Worker retention and acquisitionProvide an excellent insurance package includingEmployers, Public Liability and our PersonalAbility to acquire business through above savingsAccident BenefitLegislative complianceLegislative compliance Contractor Benefits - All ProductsOne-to-one service at all timesIncreased net payFee scale bandings ranging from 0.01p to 23.00.Scales proportionate to gross wage.Paid on time, every timeNo joining or exiting feesHealth and safety guidanceInsurance available at a highly discounted rate 8. Umbrella.The default industry offering - Umbrella is our longestrunning product. It is very similar in structure to PAYEand is an excellent payment route for contractors whowant some of the benefits a Limited Company routecan offer but without the admin or statutory responsibilities.Agency Benefits NET Employment cost savings compared to PAYE Increase workers net take-home pay Worker retention and acquisition Ability to acquire business through above savings Legislative complianceContractor Benefits Full employed status Retain Holiday Pay / (Statutory Sick Pay) SSP / (Statutory Maternity/Paternity Pay) SMP Reduced taxation Increased Net pay Inclusive employment insurancesSee how you will benefit. Ask your Account Manager toprovide an Illustration based on your current payroll. 9. CIS. Industry Scheme)(ConstructionCIS is the only payment option available to Self-employed constructionindustry workers. The requirements imposed on contractors to beregistered with the HMRC and hold a UTR (unique tax reference) hascreated a system which is secure.Agency BenefitsNET cost saving compared to PAYEIncrease workers Net take-home payWorker retention and acquisitionAbility to acquire business through above savingsContractor BenefitsReduced paperworkMaintain flexibility of being self-employedCIS tax status verifiedHealth and safety guidanceAccess to tax efficient paymentsSee how you will benefit. Ask your Account Manager toprovide an Illustration based on your current payroll. 10. Solo.Solo is for self-employed contractors who do notwork in the construction industry. The process isexactly the same as CIS whereby the contractorhas to provide a UTR.Agency Benefits Savings over PAYE Greater protection from AWD (subject to contract structure) No Employers NI costs Simple and straightforward.Contractor BenefitsReduced administration.NI savings over PAYE.Annual statement for yearly tax return.Self-employed taxation savings. (Workersare responsible for their own annual returnassessment submission).See how you will benefit. Ask your Account Manager toprovide an Illustration based on your current payroll. 11. Maddison Group.Maddison Group.p. rouMaddison Group.Maddison Group. Gon Maddison5th Floor dis Group. dEdgbaston HouseMa p.3 Duchess PlacerounGBirmingham isoMaddisonB16 8NH ddGroup.Ma0870 043 [email protected]