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Descubre mi Curriculum 2.0 para buscar trabajo en Berlin

Text of Mi curriculum 2.0

  • My name is Alberto Doblar I come from Zaragoza, Spain I am 29 years old
  • I would like to make a quick review of my skills and my life in around 4 minutes. And the end you just should answer AM I A CREATIVE PERSON? Plus factor: At least Im sure that I dont like routine
  • Business mind Degree in business management First lesson in university: Profit is everything Sorry, but I dont think so: CLIENT SATISFACTION IS EVERYTHING
  • Capacity to adapt to new environments Erasmus year in Rotterdam ERASMUS FROM ROTTERDAM
  • Initiative to create new projects Football blog during my university years albetini.blogspot.com
  • It was recommended on a national football magazine I lend some articles to prestigious Spanish blogs
  • Teamwork I have played football for my whole life I have trained kids for two years It was more difficult to take care of 36 parents than 18 kids He has played in 1st division. What happened to me on the way? I dont know
  • I like speaking new languages
  • Interested in World 1.0 and 2.0 Online course in Social Media Mk and Gamification I also like reading a lot Online and offline Worlds should be compatible
  • Sociable and a bit crazy
  • Laboral experience Working for 16 months as an strategical consultant in SMARTPOINT S.L
  • We made strategic plans for small and medium companies in the region Complete analysis + Solutions and Advices The job was interesting but not legendary
  • I learned a lot about company strategies, but I needed a change in my life so I quit and I decided to leave Spain.
  • I also made a blog with all my adventures since then From the office to the world worldeando.blogspot.com
  • I travelled for two months with some friends around Europe to end in Berlin. Observing the environment is the best way to become a CREATIVE person
  • Unimaginable natural landscapes
  • Unimaginable natural landscapes
  • Different cultures
  • Different cultures
  • Stunning surprises
  • War stories
  • War stories
  • Monuments to honour victims
  • And specially ANONYMOUS PEOPLE that have taught me more than any professor
  • COURAGE 17 months travelling around Europe by bike
  • PATIENCE 10 hours a day trying to convince tourists
  • SOCIABILITY Example of administration: Dont make clients, make friends
  • HARD WORK Most corean kids study more than 12 hours a day
  • FOOTBALL SKILLS Spanish players have no serious opponents
  • MY LIFE IN BERLIN I have been working for 3 years in Smeet, a virtual world where you can take care of your avatar and your 3d house As you can see Ive been totally identified with my job
  • MY LIFE IN BERLIN The last 20 months I have been Head of Community Management, coordinating all countries in different tasks: Translations Promotions Customer Care Giving feedback of the users to the rest of departments ...
  • MY LIFE IN BERLIN Also I have started a website with some friends to show in spanish the other side of Berlin and Germany
  • MY LIFE IN BERLIN I have a Twitter with more than 1400 followers where I also tell my experience in the city @desdeberlin
  • MY LIFE IN BERLIN Auch verbessere ich gerade mein Deutsch Niveau, weil ich ein lange Zeit in Deutschland bleiben will.
  • If I have to describe what I learn in my life in one word this will be Things are not strange, just different ABILITY TO ADAPT
  • It doesnt matter if you are in On of the most expensives casinos in Europe A humble market in Skopje (Macedonia)
  • Just adapt yourself
  • World is not black or white ITS GREY
  • Sometimes you feel big
  • Sometimes you feel small
  • Sometimes you feel smart ALBERTS
  • Sometimes you feel stupid SLOVENIAN
  • Sometimes you feel on the top of the world MOUNT OLYMPUS
  • Sometimes directly you dont feel anything
  • But at the end everything is relative. You just need to focus on every individual situation and IMAGINE
  • Just remember that ideas can come anywhere at any time Publicist work in a maternity leave
  • And now you just need to answer AM I A CREATIVE PERSON?