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This is my cover letter for Nathan Young. To see the gif's in action, see my Buzzfeed article at:

Text of Nathan Young Cover Letter

  • Nathan Young Cover Letter
  • Hello, my name is Nathan Young, if I sent you a link to this, it means you are running a pretty awesome company/organization, and I think I would be a perfect fit to work for you! If you clicked onto this post, or are looking for some inspiration in your job search, then I hope you enjoy what I have got to say. If you get bored, how about you go binge on a TV show on Netflix, my treat! Welcome To My Cover Letter
  • 1. I have graduated from school and I have moved to many areas across America. After some soul searching to see what I am great at, I discovered that I can write well, take great photos, and shoot some great video. Enter media and journalism, and my website Geek Alabama. Hey, you know what my cutie mark is!
  • Simply, hard work does not have an impact on me. It could be worse, I could stay at home crying and eating all day long. 2. I have worked 13 past jobs ranging from fast-food, factory jobs, to various temp jobs. Even though all of the 13 past jobs ended in not good terms, many past co-workers enjoyed working alongside me and would offer me a job if they had one available. I have spent many days volunteering and interning, and working up to 14 hours a day without overtime pay, to make sure the job I do is successful.
  • 3. My experiences are mostly writing, photography, and videography related, you know, journalism/media stuff. I create smart and interesting content that is shared by many people on the internet. If I spot something big in the geek/nerd world, I cover it! I have spent three years writing for Geek Alabama, where every post, picture, and video is written, taken, and shot by me! I secretly wish I could be in a funny viral video.
  • Hey, famous people and businesses need the publicity! 4. Other than writing, taking photos, and shooting video for Geek Alabama, I have gotten the opportunity to interview people for upcoming projects and shows. I have gotten the chance to cover musicians, authors, politicians, TV stars, movie stars, sports stars and coaches, and more! And the people I cover enjoy the coverage and thank me! I have also been featured on other media sites and I get numerous requests to cover things from businesses, products, TV shows, movies, books, games, food, events, conventions, concerts, and other reviews.
  • The English Language is one of my superpowers. 5. Since I write a lot, I have very strong writing and editing skills. You would never put out something with bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall flow of the article. An 2$d ar+ic|e 1s nevr g00d;
  • Social media, something every geek/nerd could not live without! 6. I have a lot of experience in managing and running social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, and other social media pages. I have and still run social media accounts for various businesses, organizations, and local TV shows.
  • The Internet loves their Photoshop, it keeps Chris Hardwick employed. 7. I am a big computer whiz. I have built and help maintain several websites including Geek Alabama. I am also proficient on Microsoft Office like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. I am also good at Photoshop and video/photo editing software. I am also proficient at social media tools like Buffer App.
  • I have applied to over 1,100 jobs, and have been unemployed for three years. Its like im living the life of Rick Grimes in the zombie apocalypse. 8. I am very professional, sincere, and caring. Yes, I have Aspergers Syndrome or high functioning Autism, but it does not mean I am not qualified to work for someone. While on the job, I am comfortable with everyone from bosses, senior members, other staff, and the interns.
  • Having a sarcastic bad attitude chases people away, is that right Michelle Tanner? 9. Although I grew up in a violent and abusive environment, I try to keep a positive, friendly, and overall good attitude; I like to keep an open and curious mind and always think about my views and opinions. I am also very dedicated and will work until the job is done.
  • Pull up a chair; I am ready to help you! 10. I am an introvert, meaning I usually like to work and do projects alone. But I have also thrived in a team environment where I can share ideas and implement them. I am also a person where other people turn for advice and offer assistance.
  • Geeks/nerds are some of the smartest and most passionate people you will ever meet! I could fit into the cast of The Big Bang Theory. 11. Outside of helping others or working on a project, Im a geek and/or nerd at heart. Other than writing a very popular blog/website, I enjoy watching shows with a massive fandom fan base (zombies rule). I also enjoy baking, photography, videography, pets and animals, technology, computers, gaming, being a foodie, traveling, following the weather, and watching trains (cooking does bring people together). And one my favorites, watch cartoons! (platypuses, superheroes, and ponies rule)
  • 12. The biggest thing people know about me is I draw roads and follow everything about roads and infrastructure. I draw each of my roads on paper, and I collect road related stuff like old traffic lights and road signs. I also take pictures and videos of roads and you usually find me standing on the side of the road watching the traffic go by at an intersection. Yep, I am a road fan! You might find me sticking my head out of the car.
  • Youve thought about it during your commute. Youve slept on it. Youve made a list featuring the pros and cons of hiring me. Youve talked to your family, friends, co-workers, life coach, the person you randomly run up to, and even your imaginary friend, come on we all talk to ourselves! So why have you not made the decision to hire me yet? When looking for the best candidate for the job, you need to look for the person who would fit into your work environment the best, not someone who has a list of degrees a mile long. If you are constantly plagued with workers who cause chaos and you have to let go, you can stop your candidate search now! I would be the best candidate and I would listen, help others, give great advice, and even give a kick in the pants to someone who needed it. So, thank you for offering me the great career where I can shine! I wholeheartedly accept. OK, I know were not quite there yet.
  • Thanks for reading my cover letter article! If you want to learn more about me, view my Visual Resume on SlideShare (over 8,000 views), follow me on Twitter, and see my Facebook profile, dont worry, its clean! Search for Nathan Young Visual Resume on
  • @GeekAlabama Plus.Google.Com/+GeekAlabama Presentation Brought To You By: Infographic Created By: Nathan Young 256-452-1565 [email protected] @GeekAlabama Plus.Google.Com/+GeekAlabama Presentation Brought To You By: Presentation Created By: Nathan Young [email protected]
  • About Nathan Young Thanks for checking me out; Nathan Young is an experienced writer, blogger, photographer, and videographer who blogs at Geek Alabama. Nathan is a big Road, Weather, and News Junkie Geek and is a great person to be around who is funny and informative. Nathan is an accomplished media person who regularly covers topics on Geek Alabama and gets numerous requests to cover things from businesses, products, TV shows, movies, books, games, food, events, conventions, concerts, and other reviews. He is open to speaking, covering products or events, and representing your brand. The most interesting fact about me, I draw roads! #Aspie proud! #ASD
  • View this presentation, other presentations, infographics, and other great stuff from Nathan Young at: Enjoy other awesome presentations!

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