Networking Your Way to a Job

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Relationship NetworkingConverting Conversations into Connections</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on About MichelleAuthor: The 11 Laws of LikabilityCEO: Executive Essentials providing communications, hiring, &amp; management trainingProfessor: NYU Stern Business School Clients: JPMorganChase, Morgan Stanley, Citi, GE, Deutsche Bank, Columbia Business School, MetLife, Sony Music, Jazz at Lincoln Center, J&amp;J, Hachette, Rutgers CMD, MoMA, and more. Press: CBS Money Watch, Gayle King, Martha Stewart Living, NPR, New York Times, Working Mother, Real Simple, US News &amp; World Report,, USA Today, AOL, Hoovers, Forbes, &amp;</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on are your networking tendencies?Who?What?Why?</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on already do itThink about where you need to make shifts3Why Network? 90% of all executive level jobs come from networking (Executive Registry)51% of all jobs from networking (Career Xroads Hire Report)89% of companies will use social networks for recruiting and 65% have successfully hired from social media (Career Enlightenment) People are more productive and happier in their jobs when working with people they like</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on New Approach: Relationship NetworkingWhat it is not:ManipulativeTacticalWork onlyStrategicShort termAbout youWhat it is:AuthenticNaturalAnythingPersonalLong termAbout the relationshipHosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on happens when it doesn't work?</p> <p>Where does it fall apart?Hosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on</p> <p>Common ResponsesNothing to say No reason to reach outDont think they are interested Nothing to offerDont want to bother themNo timeDoesnt matter</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>Career Advisors on Laws for Conversation</p> <p>CuriosityListeningSimilarityWhen you dont know where to start Start by being curious.Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at and Keep it GoingAskUse open phrasingLeverage your curiosityExtendListen and probeListen and shareConnectEstablish similaritySeek next step </p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at Laws for Conversion</p> <p>FamiliarityGivingPatienceConsider how applying these laws impacts what you talk about during the conversation.Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at Familiarity The Law of Familiarity: People like who and what they know.</p> <p>How to Do it:Light touchesLeverage TechnologyUse Social Media</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at </p> <p>Google AlertsHosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at Social MediaChat, status</p> <p>Updates, answer questions, start group, join interest group</p> <p>Share resources, retweet, commentDont overuse social media. Stay in their mind not in their face.</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at in story about getting job13Give First and always ask The Law of Giving: Do because you can giving creates value. </p> <p>How to Do it:IntroduceInviteInform</p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at Introduce katzman</p> <p>Amy give recognition, appreciation, give to someone else and credit them14Be Patient The Law of Patience: Give it time things happen. </p> <p>It may help to remember:It comes back to you (or someone else)Youll get a chance to helpFriendships grow in timeHosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at - friendships gro in timeAmy patience to give back</p> <p>15Questions &amp; Answers</p> <p>Question 1:</p> <p>If you cannot connect to an influential person, how do you manage this kind of relationship?Hosted by:</p> <p>See the answer at &amp; Answers</p> <p>Question 2:</p> <p>What are the benefits and pitfalls in using social media?Hosted by:</p> <p>See the answer at &amp; Answers</p> <p>Question 3:</p> <p>Where do you strike that balance between promoting your personal brand and bragging about yourself?Hosted by:</p> <p>See the answer at &amp; Answers</p> <p>Question 4:</p> <p>To what extent should I try to be funny while maintaining my authentic self?Hosted by:</p> <p>See the answer at &amp; Answers</p> <p>Question 5:</p> <p>How do you build the relationship to the next level?Hosted by:</p> <p>See the answer at &amp; Answers</p> <p>Question 6:</p> <p>How can you network efficiently?Hosted by:</p> <p>See the answer at With Me!</p> <p></p> <p>Hosted by:</p> <p>See the rest at at 0:10</p>