New Year's Resolutions for Report Writers

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New Years Resolutions for Report Writersby Jean Reynolds, Ph.D.

New Years Resolutions for Report Writersby Jean Reynolds, Ph.D.

While youre thinking about the year thats just beginning

this is a good time to make some resolutions for self-improvement.

How about focusing on writing better reports?

Here are some easy ways to improve your writing

impress your supervisor

and save time.

1. Make clarity a priority.

That means eliminating jargon and fancy flourishes.

Write plainly, as if you were talking. The simpler, the better.

Your writing will have clarity, and youll make fewer errors.

2. Find a writing partner.

It doesnt have to be an expertjust someone willing to give you feedback.It doesnt have to be an expert just someone whos willing to give you some feedback.

Having an extra set of eyes handy is a great help when youre working on your writing.

Talking about writing is one of the best ways to get better at it.

3. Use resources.

Most computers have spellcheckers and grammar checkers.

You can use Google to get answers to your writing questions

or call a librarian.

Answering questions is their job!

Good writing doesnt require an extraordinary brain

just the determination to stay with a writing task until its right.

And be sure to visit for help with report writing.

All the resources there are FREE:

To learn more about report writing

Criminal Justice Report Writing is available at for $17.95. View a free sample online.

An e-book edition is available from for $11.99.

A free Instructors Manual is available to qualified instructors on request: Send an e-mail to jreynoldswrite at

Best wishes for a wonderful new year

and success as a writer!